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Monday, October 31, 2005


Okay this is gonna be a short possibly blog with pictures. On friday I got my oil changed then went to THE FORT and got a sweet cowboy shirt that I am actually wearing in my Engineer picture but more on that later. Then Jenn and I went to look for some old shoes for the banquet and found none...BUT we found this totally awesome googe down feather bed/comforter thing. For $26!!! It is so great and fluffy and heavy. Tis heaven... such is why my picture here is On the Cloud And then there is In the Cloud.So now I have this great and glorius thing that I sleep upon/in. Well Sunday Morning about 330 am I get rudely awakened by some one still unknow coming into my room and throwing a plastic cup full of water on my and my cloud. I was very pissed off. Still a little ticked but everything is dry and all better. Now onto my last picture that I have. Today was, still is, Halloween. So I dressed up early this morning and wore my get up all day. I am still wearing it at this moment. I even went to Plasma with it on. It made the workers happy. So now I am off to bed and up early for Microbiology study cause I have a test in the morning. Night and Happy Halloween.

Eventful weekend

It was an eventful weekend in a way. I have things to blog about but I also have pictures I want to post. I just don't have them on my computer. I am once again bloggin in world religion. It is fun sitting in the back row and going through his slide show even when he is not lecturing on Jainism. On another note, today is Halloween and I have gotten many a look today cause I dressed up as a Railroad engineer. I want to take a picture tonight and post. I plan to make a couple more post today that relate to this weekend. I am be behind but for Ben Yancer's sake I will post as much and regularly as possible. Happy Halloween. Treat more, Trick less but if you must Trick, make it memorable.

Friday, October 28, 2005

One Man Revolt

Today I took a page out of Ben Yancer's book and staged a one man revolt against Nebraska weather. I deceided to wear my chacos, shorts, and a short sleeve t-shirt. I did wear my new UC zip hoody in the morning but really don't need it this afternoon since it is going to be High 60s close to 70. I am now sitting in World Religions ignoring my teacher cause what he is talking about is not important. He said that we didn't have to take notes. I have his PowerPoint pressentation anyways. Well before he looks at me and gets annoyed I am going to wrap up this blog. He talks and talks so he won't notice too much. Thankfully my one man revolt worked out better than Ben's revolt. He only wore his sandals but it is a good thing cause it rained the day he revolted. It is b-e-a-ut-iful today. Hope for Friday is just a wonderful and your Sabbath is too.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

No Milk

Last night I had the realization that I am very low on milk but it was too late in the day/night to go get some from the UMarket and I did not feel like driving over to SuperSaver. So now I am faced with a dilemma. Also I have no instant oatmeal that usually take the place of cereal and no milk. My dilemma is: Do I use the splash of milk on my cereal and add water, do I just add water (no where on any box of cold cereal have I seen 'just add water'), or do I live on coffee and uno flaky cresont. (sorry I know it is the wrong spelling but I am at a loss.) Oh I forgot one, do I eat my cereal dry and wash it down with coffee or milk. Oh wait I have half and half as well. No thats for my coffee. Alas the time has come to decide. I don't know yet what I am going to do. All I want is some food. But the cafe doesn't open until 700 and that doesn't leave me much time to eat or inhale and run to class. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jorgenson in Flames

Today in Microbiology lab it was a crappy as ever. Dr. Wong was like "yeah, you be done my 4 o'clock" and about 4 o'clock the fire alarm goes off. All of us are like "you've got to be kidding me". Wong sent Melissa out to ckeck if it really was an alarm going off or a joke. Melissa came back and said everyone was evacuating. Once everyone was out of the building, everyone including Chemistry, Physics, and any other lab that happened to be there. As we wait you could hear the fire siren and sure enough you could see the truck coming down 48th street. After a while a couple firefighters were out in front with a roll of yellow caution tape. The Micro students were like 'oh crap.' And sure enough they taped off the front door and would not allow us back in the building. Dr. Wong told us that we could either wait til they reopened or come back tomorrow and then look at the stuff on Friday. I forgot to tell you the best part of it all. While we were waiting we heard another siren and then guess what else pulled onto Union's campus, Good ole' HazMat truck. It is never good when you see a HazMat truck pull up to a science building. Turns out there was a fire in one of the stock rooms down on the Chemistry floor. Thankfully everything was put out and even though later when they went to clean it up the flames were like two feet high. Thankfully they didn't call the HazMat again. I finished what I could on lab when they reopened the building. All is well and safe now but it was kind of crazy. It is too bad I didn't have my Fire Fighter 1 and HazMat done and I could have gone in with them. I'll have that fun stuff soon enough.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday night and the Moon is High

Okay so it isn't Friday night, but the moon is out. I think anyways. It is out whether I see it or if I don't because of the clouds. They were just the first words that came into my head when I logged onto blogger and clicked the tab for creating. It is from Keith Urban's latest release. It is a great song. Better Life A grand one that Jenn had me listen to last semester. It is fun and not serious but yeah and great love song for us. Today was kindof a not fun day for me cause I was really tired from working and having 4 cups of coffee on a mostly empty stomach. I was dragging all day but come supper time things turned up. I went down to supper at 5:30 and got back into my room about 9:30. I am not joking at all and I was not working there. I was sitting with a couple of guys from 7th and then Brittney from Mt. Ellis came and sat down and then the seventh floor people left and then Dakota people came and then I left but didn't cause I was waiting for Britt to tell me if we were going to a movie but then didn't and started talking with different people trying to help them with different situations they are going through. Oh yeah, I got rejected by two different girls when I asked if they wanted to go to the banquet with me. I know some of you might be like "What?! How dare you. What about Jennifer?" Well the two girls were Becky Hennlein and Amy Purvis. Both of which have no romantic feelings towards me at all. Anyways it was alot of fun talking with the different people and procrastinating from doing my Microbiology lab write ups that are way late. I know I know I need to get them done and will... sometime. I know sometime doesn't cut it. Don't worry about my grades, I will be fine. Anyways I am going to look up some Spiderman cards that Amy sent to me by way of Ben to see how much they are worth. Maybe I can get a sleeping bag by selling them.Yeah yeah. Woo wooo.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Back in Ole' North Dakota

It was kind of nice, no really nice to fly up here today. We left at like 4:45 and arrived here in less than half the time to drive up. The ride was smooth, the view was awesome, the entertainment was hilarious. All in all it was a good time. I am now sitting in the Safari room on my laptop. The funny thing is that the desk top is like 10 times faster than my lappy but the internet was not wanting to work on the desk so I just decided to pull out my ole' reliable and plug in. Also I like the feel of my lappy and the desk top doesn't have Firefox. Though it would probably take like 2 minutes to download, install, and restart with Firefox up and running. Oh well. Too late, I'm not stopping this blog to go to a different computer with nothing saved from this one. It is really good to be home. My room has not changed in the last decade but it is nice to see a familiar place. I guess one thing has changed, the bed is too small for me and has been for the past half decade. I like using the word Decade instead of using 10 years. It is more fun. Well I am going to get ready for bed and sleep the night away. I sure do like North Dakota and my family and dog.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Killing time, or vice versa

Besides my blog yesterday, I think. See I haven't even checked my blog lately so I don't even remember when I wrote. Anyways, I haven't been blogging much of late because I always forget to blog and also I know I should be doing something more productive with my time but right now I am killing time before my security meeting at 8:30. Hence my title but also for the second part, I feel like time is killing me cause I just don't make use of my time very effectively so I am getting behind. Well mainly and only in one class, Microbiology. Dislike the class but I had a wonderful "WOW" experience in class today. For once all semester when Dr. Wong asked a question which was directed at me I knew the answer. The great thing is that the next question I also knew the answer to. It may not sound like much but in a class that things don't really click very often when it does it's AMazing. I am not sure if God was like "hey Jeremy, this is what it could feel like if you studied." I think I finally realized my stupidity. Okay I knew it all along but it is hard to put time into a classs that you hate but you don't know if you hate it cause you are doing bad in it which is related to not putting time into but you aren't putting time into it cause you hate it and are doing bad in it. Yeah whatever that meant and if any one understands it good for you but if you don't... it's okay too. The good thing is I got my Midterm grades, yes I said the good thing. And I am doing better or about what I thought. Well better since I thought I had a running GPA of 3.0 but come to find out it is a 3.33 and this midterm with my C in Microbiology I have a 3.14. Which still excites me. All I want is to pass Microbiology with a minimum of a C cause it is contextual requirement thing for my major so I can't just sneak by with a D for the GE requirements. Anyways and anyhows. I have two bigas crappy lab write ups. One was due last wednesday and one was due today. Oh well. I have a reading report due tomorrow in World Religions and a quiz to take early so I can fly away to North Dakota. I am thinking of taking my Lappy and maybe writing a lab write up on the flight but I haven't fully decided that. I also have to pack. I think I will do the Reading Paper tonight and pack in the morning. Yeah that sounds good. Alrighty then. I am off to get a snack and something warm to drink before/during the meeting.


The hard thing with bloggin is writing it more like a journal in a more personal way or to write it TO the persons reading your blog. I think I stray more toward the later and make them more like and email. Cause by the time anyone reads this blog the relevant things are irrelevant and I am probably back in my room or doing something else besides what I was writing about. Just like now. I am still typing away when I said I was leaving to get some stuff before the meeting. Yeah I'm leaving now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My long Absence

I look at my Blog and weep a silent dry tear for I have negleted it for so long. And I should probably be neglecting it right now and trying to write a lab report for Microbiology. It is hard to decided which one to work on though. The one that is a week late or the one that is due tomorrow. Well I am getting neither done so it's okay. Not really but oh well. Whatever. Here is some randomness for yall. Jennifer is some where between Lincoln and Minot right now. Truck loaded down with tarp a-flappin crusin down the interstate. It is sad but I am glad she is taking her stuff home now. I will still be checking her mail til a new tenate moves in and her postal forwarding thing goes through. Well off to bed I go and more procrastinating. Love ya'll

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Already this Morning

This morning has been an event filled day already. Not eventful cause that would imply I might have already gotten something done. Nope not the case. The event filled day though has been ever so unproductive. I am behind on one assignment report and have a lab write up due today. So I got in bed about 1130 and planned to get up at 520 and work on the lab write up. Well my one alarm was set for 520 but the other one was still set from yesterday at 406. So that one goes off and I am alittle confused cause the wrong tone went off first. So I look at the clock and it reads 407 so I reset it for 526 and crawl back into bed. 5 o'clock rolls around and they both go off. I am still dead tired so I say screw it I'll still get them done some time, Set my stereo for 740 and go back to sleep once more. Well 715 comes and matt's alarm goes off and I swat at mine but realize it was not mine. SO I wake, tell matt about the three alarms already going off and slink under my blankets for the um.. what third time and it is not even 720 am. Well it's okay cause when my stereo went off I actually got up. Well... time to get some grub and work on that paper. I have a start on it but still it's not done.

Yesterday felt like thursday and though I know it is wednesday, It still feels like friday. I suppose in a way it is friday cause it is break tomorrow.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Softball 2005

Well... Softball season is officially over. The final two games were played tonight sealing the pages in the Fall 2005 gamebook forever. I look back on our 5 games with a small tear in my eye. A tear of JOY cause we WON!!!! We are the Champions of 05' Softball. Yeah yeah!! wooo wooo!!! It was a great season with the Team Marcia Made. TEAM J!!!! Three cheers with hats in the air. Our winning strategy was to be patient and let them walk you if possible. It was when we diviated from that they our innings went from 9 or 10 runs to 3. I am fully guilty of that cause one of my at bats was a weak fly out to the third base. but.... my First hit of the night was a... Three Run HOMER! My second or third of the season. I think it was my second. My first homerun was... A GRAND SLAM. Greg Steiner and Jon Kruger also had Homeruns with one of Jon's being another Grand Slam. That was during the first game of the season. We were patient but swung for the fences. Ahh it was fun. It is sad that it's over but it was a great season with really cool people. Marcia asked if we would be up for this next year. All we for it but Jon... course he wants to be graduated before then so it is understandable. Yes yes twas fun. I didn't get to play football for a t-shirt but I'll settle for a softball instead. Well, off to work soon, yipe. 1030 til 330. *thick sarcasm* I'm excited. We are the champions of.... Softball. My Friends... *Enthusiastic music fading into the distance*

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A sad revelation

Well I guess I am back in the swing of blogging. Two in the span of like 30 minutes. This morning was a sad morning in one way and a happy day in another. The thing that made it a happy day was the fact that it has finally cooled off. The sad thing is that it is now a bit too cold to wear my trusty Chacos that I have faithfully worn 90% of the span from May to Now. *sniffle* It is also a good day because I can now fully pull out my sweaters and not melt away. Ah.. I love fall weather, I love wrapping up in a comfy sweater. Wrapping up either to take on the day with style and force or wind down after the day with an ol' reliable worn in sweater a cup of warm something and a good book or movie. Which ever would work. Depending if I'm alone or snuggling with a special someone in a nice fluffy blanket. Yes, yes I love fall and its cooler weather.

In the Same Spot

One week ago I was sitting in about the very same spot as I am now. Only I was headed to DAA for alumni Friday afternoon. It was kindof a last minute development for me. I am really glad I went though. Got to see some people I haven't in a while and got to be part of an event that has not happened in more than a decade. That even was the Alumni losing to the DAA Knights. Most years it is a slaughter of the students. This year was quite different and was really cool to be part of. Sure I would have liked to win but DAA needed a boost of school spirit and I think they really got one.
The kindof depressing thing about sitting here right now is looking ahead to next week. It is a bittersweet kind of week ahead. The first half of the week will suck but the latter part will be cool. Before I get to head to Karney to SCUBA dive I have to write a World Religions paper about another nonchristian church service. Some time between now and tuesday I have to study for a Microbio test, write a lab write up on a lab that I still have to finish. I also have a midterm test in Emergency Care. The good part will be when Jenn gets down here and I won't have to hold a phone every night and will get to hold her. That makes me smile. Though the beginning might suck the end is worth it all I guess.
ahh....... :-)