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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Answer

Okay Ben, not my brother, wins. I was working on Fixing Sam's timing belt. That is why I have grease hands but that is not entirely why my hands look that way. Since a picture is worth a thousand words here is why. I have this shirt that I absolutely love because it has these spiffy nifty cuffs that I can put my thumbs through. It helps so much with keeping your wrists warm and free of snow when skiing, shovling, shoving people in to snow banks. You know things like that. On a side note these pictures were taken with my... parents' new Digital Camera. It is a really nice HP that we kids helped pay for with a gift card cause that is what they wanted. They now have a digital camera and a movie camera to fully document their wonderful trip to Hawaii for their Anniversary. They are taking a Cruise around the Islands and are totally excited about it and so am I. Anyways will post tomorrow about how my break is going for those of you who are wondering, i.e Emily. But of course she could just phone me and ask me in person. But that would mean she would have to make an effort and not be lazy about keeping in contact with people. Some one, Jennifer, just whispered in my ear that I could call too. And perhaps I will as a S.O.S activity. And once again congratulations to Ben who guessed correctly, well mostly correctly, why my hands looked like they had a Speedo clean spot on them.

After the fact

Hey to all who didn't guess what my picture was about I will give you another chance, and a hint... It has to do with something I talked about in my long blog right before the picture blog. I won't post the answer via picture until some other people guess. Hopefully the hint will help. Happy sluthing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A puzzle for the faint of heart

Can anyone guess what I have been up to the past two days that could possibly cause this picture? Answer will be posted sometime tomorrow or when I get around to it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A New Found Treasure

I know many of you probably found her weeks ago but I have just found her today. As I was catching up on people's bloggs I scrolled down Yancer's list of contacts and found Miss Emily on the side bar. I figured she had a blog but had not found it yet, okay I also had not sluthed for it yet either. But I found her today and added her to my contacts so I can be updated with her wonderful news as much as I am with her brother's wonderful musing.

High Time

Well I think it is high time I inform the rest of bloggerdom what has transpired with me since last post. I don't remember the date of my last post but many things have happened. I am done with my semester and I think I passed all my classes with a fair margin of error or buffer whatever you want to call it. I have yet to get my grades but I am confident they will be okay. Also I am currently at Jennifer's new house with a big picture window to my left looking out over a very nice senery. There is a time frame of about five days that need to be informed upon.
Friday afternoon I decided that I was going to vegg out and play some Playstation 2 and found that Matt had alot of games and one in peticular that I wanted to play, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. So Friday afternoon Ben and I played alittle then went to Acoustic Music Plus to play some guitars. I never know what you play when I get a bunch of guitars around me cause I don't play MY guitar enough to have a library of songs. Any who jumping to Saturday, Ben and I started up the PS2 again but then played Sequence and The Farming Game til 2am and then played PS2 til 430. Went to Legend of Zorro Sunday night and that was about the weekend. Monday/Tuesday is what needs to be informed upon.
I wasn't planning to go home until Thursday but some events transpired so I headed home at about 4pm. Well I was actually headed to Jenn's house which is another 2+ hour drive. Anyways I was feeling okay on sleepiness so I called mom and told her that yes I was going to continue on to Jenn's house and only because I was talking to her on the cellphone. Well about 20 miles outside of Bismarck I was following a Semi and I completely.... lost... all power in my car. Poof all gone just coasting. I tried to drop in into a lower gear to jump start it and it worked... for like 4 seconds. So I coasted Sam, thats my car by the way, onto the shoulder, all the while talking to Jenn on my hands free and trying to explain what the heck just happened. Well to make this night short, I called mom she drove out with her AAA Plus card and Jenn drove down from Minot. Got it towed 3 hours after it stopped on the side of the road. Dropped it by the shop that were going to look at it, went and ate at Denny's which was very tasty. Checked on the car, not gonna look at it til the afternoon so mom headed home and Jenn and I headed to the Academy to get a load of Tiff's stuff that wasn't taken to minot yet. Found it locked and took a nap before heading home to Minot.
Now the minor details of Sam's problems. Comes to find out that the problem here in lines with his timing belt. The shop didn't know what exactly went wrong because they didn't take the motor apart. If they did and replaced everything it would be $373 approximatly. I am surprised he didn't throw in a cents figure too just to be more approximate. Any ways I am going to try and get hold of the Davis clan at the Academy to see if they will either let me use the shop to fix my car or even better, help me fix my car. I can buy the parts for a third or fourth the price they quoted to me. Hopefully I will have my carfixed by either Thursday or Friday hopefully Thursday. So if you feel so inclined, please pray for my car Sam and that I can fix him and get back to Lincoln with him in one piece. thanks. So as Porky Pig says, "T-t-t-t-thats all folks!"

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Meaning of Dreams

I have always thought that dreams are interesting thing. Where do they come from, do they mean anything? Can you control them to dream what you want or do in the dream what you want? All well and good questions but this morning I don't have a question, I have a realization. My worst handicap in myself. Sure my eye sight is horrible but that can be delt with and even fixed but I hinder myself by my attitude. There is a guy here at school named Raf and he amazes me every time I am with him. He is thankful to be alive and wonders why he has a job at Hyvee when someone more qualified should be working. "It's no fare that I get a job just cause I'm a retard" If you don't know his story here is it briefly, I don't even know the whole thing: A few years ago he and his sister were in an accident. From my understanding, a semi truck T-boned their car. She is left in a wheel chair and Raf is left with a funky gait and slurred speech. You can tell he is a really sharp guy by his comments. He loves people and tries to be a ladies man. He was in my dream. You don't need to know the dream cause it wasn't real and won't ever happen but a comment he made in it sticks out. "My atoms are fucked" It wasn't said in an angry tone but rather he was crying on my shoulder because he can't be what he wants to be since the accident. One little comment, a little vulgar but true. Some people's atoms are fucked by genetics or accidents and they can't be what they want to be. So take what you got, it may not be much, and make the best out of it. Be the best you can be. Don't complain when things are bad. Make the best life you can with your atoms that might be a little tweaked but are still okay. Do it for those people like Raf "whose atoms are fucked."

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Movies Gallor

Last night was filled with movies. But not in a small room with close friends and family, though they were there too. No... it was filled with back to back movies in different theatres. It all started at 5:10pm when I went to Narnia with Amy, Tim, Kayla, Ben, Ben, Ashley, and Leslie. Well those were the ones in my row. There were another 15-20 odd Unionites there too and another 10-15 waiting to get in once we were done. It was a fantabulous movie which I intend on seeing again and again and can't wait for the rest to come out. Then shortly after I got back from Narnia, I left for another movie that started at 8:25 pm. That movie was the Broadway Musical turned movie entitled RENT. Not a bad movie, I enjoyed the music but the plot could have used a bit more development.(I took my own snacks to RENT and didn't eat much of them. It was too quiet to munch popcorn) Who am I to judge musicals? Be your own judge... just wait til it come to the $2 theatre. Good but not worth the $6 it cost at the Grand. I will say one thing more, I definately got my money's worth. Each movie was almost 2 and a half hours long. It was a good night of fun though. Sadly I missed out on Ice Skating and the Band Performance but I am sure they were great and packed without me showing up. Probably too packed at the Ice Box. Anywho must start studying for Microbiology. If Procrastination was a major in college, I would be a 4.0+ student. Manga Suma Cumlade thingy all the way, High Honors, Top of the Class. See..

Friday, December 09, 2005

My Crazy sleeping habits

I was informed last night by my roommate that Wednesday night I did something I don't remember doing at all. Matt and his brother were working on Matt's program for Cobalt til like 1 or 2 in the morning but I went to bed just before midnight or so. All the lights were on in the room and apparently I did my little sleep folded over on my legs for awhile and then sat up, reached over, and shut off the main light! When he told me this I was like "I do not remember doing that at all." He and I both started laughing. He is used to my weird awakenings during the night cause he stays up and studies some nights. At first he was afraid he woke me but now he figures if I am bothered by something I'll fix it. Whether I'll remember doing it or not is the question. Matt asked me what Jenn is gonna do when we're married and I am sleeping in weird possitions or just moving around alot? I told him I thought of telling him I usually settle down when someone else is in the bed but I don't know if thats true. I haven't shared a bed for awhile because I usually just take the floor cause Ben hated me kicking him in the night. Hopefully I will have reformed from my crazy sleeping antics by the time Jenn and I marry. Otherwise I might be sleeping on the couch for awhile. Thats not fun at all.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Raining wealth

As I was walking back from the cafe tonight little sparkling diamonds were falling through the sky. They were scattered all over the ground and were magnificently refracting the glow from the street light. All around me the world was alive with light and beauty falling down like a rainstorm of diamonds.
The variety of snow amazes me. There are times when the flakes are as big as quarters or silver dollars. Fluffy and slowly collecting on the groud and my coat and other times it is like a thousand million little needles are stabbing my face and hands as I walk through the blinding tornado of snow. Again other times I watch out of my 7th floor window and I see snow flakes coming UP into my view. Or I see them passing from right to left infront of my window when across the street they are passing from left to right. Such little things leave me in awe and wonder. Like so many things snow can be beautiful and horrible all in the same moment. A mountain can go from peaceful to roaring and destructive when the conditions are perfectly wrong and an avalance rips down the mountain. I guess that is where the Chinese came up with Ying and Yang. A balance of good and evil, power and gentleness, birth and destruction. A balance that is so delicate, a single snowflake can disrupt the balance.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wow moments

While working Security last night, I had one of those WOW moments. I was talking with Jennifer and she asked me what my High/Low was of the day. So I thought for a moment and told her my low point of the day. And while I was telling her my low, my high hit my like a flash of light. I had been in the cart all night and cruzing around. Well when Jenn asked me my High/Low, I looked up and saw no clouds in the sky. You may be thinking, "So... whats the big deal about no clouds?" Let me tell you the big deal of no clouds. It was about 2:45 am and the stars were out in their brilliance. Especially my favorite one, Orion. I wanted to be home where city street light even stop lights don't block out the stars that shine so bright. I don't know, maybe I'm a sappy kindof guy... No I know I am a sappy kind of guy, I inherited that from my Grandma and Mother. Just like I inheritted falling asleep at athe drop of a hat from my Mother and Grandfather. But sappyness aside, I love WOW moments like that. They are especially beautiful when it involves two of my favorite things, wintery snow goodness, and Jennifer. Granted she only participated via cellphone but she helped make the moment cause I might not have looked up or been out of the cart if she didn't ask my High/Low. It would have been even better if she had been walking around with me. I'm not sure why we would be walking around outside in single digit weather at 3amish but that doesn't matter. In less than two weeks, (10 day to be exact) I get to be back home in good ole North Dakota where the weather outside will probably be frightful but the warmth of friends and family and good cup of warmth off the stove will make it delightful. And if I am at Jennifer's the fire will also be delightful in their "new" house with a wonderful fireplace in the "conversation room". And since we got places to go and people to see... LET IT SNOW. LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!!!!!

*Happy Holidays see above