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Friday, April 25, 2008


Attention!! Attention!!! The Adventures and Mishaps of Krissy and Jeremy has a new home! jeremyandkrissy.barberbanter is still there but new content will only be added to WWW.STRANGELIKEUS.COM yep thats right. Strangelikeus.com Sometime soon you might even be able to email us @strangelikeus.com, that will be later though. So for the newest content make sure your links point to www.strangelikeus.com from now on. Thank-you for paying attention to this public service announcement, you may now return to your regularly scheduled blog reading and web surfing.

Monday, April 14, 2008

New... a work in progress

Come see a what is being worked on. Click Here

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Note on iWeb page

As of reading recent comments on previous blog I realized I should probably explain the "Recent Mishap" on the picture. So here goes:

About a month ago now, Krissy and I were enjoying our Friday evening of putting away groceries eating a light supper and reading blogs, magazines, checking peoples Myspaces, etc. We were right in the middle of this when we hear this very loud and really weird buzzing/alarm going off. At first we thought it was a carbon monoxide detector in our apartment. We had lit some of our lanterns so we thought it was that but upon getting out on our balcony we realized that it wasn't just our apartment. So we quickly grabbed the computers, wallets, keys, and cell phones and got out of the apartment. Long story short, someone in the building next to us pulled the fire alarm. It seemed like a domestic dispute with someone drunk and shouting and a mess in general. All in all just an annoyance and nothing serious we think. No one was taken away in the fire truck, 4 cop cars, and 1 cop SUV canine unit. Most of us tenants were really confused because they didn't tell us upon signing the lease what the fire alarms sound like. I mentioned to one of the other tenants that I haven't had a fire drill for like 3 years. So for those of you confused about that little blurb on the screen shot- there is your answer.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

About the my absence

Last entry was so 2 months ago. Since then things have slowed down a little. Most of my off work time has been occupied by reading MacWorld or playing with iWeb. iWeb is a lovely software that come with Mac OS X on new computers but Krissy and I bought iLife '08 earlier so I have it now. It is lovely. Sadly you have to have a .Mac account to publish it. Stealing the source code and placing it in Blogger doesn't work. So until we have a .Mac account you'll have to settle with this screen shot. Propose link is www.....com not taken so far. Like I'd tell you so you can go steal it. Ha.

Oh and for those that didn't get the memo- I am getting paid now and will be until July supposedly. No word on the assistant director/writer for the department however. Oh well.