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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roadie vs. Mountain Bike

For all you faithful readers (mom) out there that were a bit confused by my last post here is a comparison of roadie vs. mountain bike. Roadies have slick tires while mountain bikes have knobby tires. Roadies have curved handle bars that are set over the front tire a bit while MT Bikes have straight bars set over the front fork. (fork is what connects the tire to the frame) Roadies have gears that are set more for flat out speed but encompass a wide enough range to climb pretty steep hillls while MT bikes are set even more towards hill climbing and less for speed. Most of MT bikers' speed comes from heading down hill. Roadies are build being cautious to every gram while even though MT bikes are built lighter and lighter they need to take a beating and not break. To sum it all up in one comparrison- Lance Armstrong and other Tour de France people ride roadies while John Cowan and other X Gamers ride Mountain bikes.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mountain Biking (Lincoln Style)

For the past couple weekends, I have found myself over at Joe's house for Sabbath lunch which turns into Sunday's one meal Blupper. This weekend we decided to do some mountain biking that ended up being just riding the trail to The Sunken Gardens. Before we could go, I had to run home and get a bike. I was originally going to use my brothers but forgot that one of the pedal was broken. My nonbrother Ben let me use his much to my happiness, for a little while at least. While we were waiting for everyone to get ready, Joe and I were curb hopping and what not. Well... I went off one curb- blew a tire- and wiped out on my left side. I have a nice little inch by 2 inch scab on my shoulder, a hidden bruise on my hip and a scrape on my ankle. Thankfully I was wearing my helmet so my head is okay. Another thankful is my brother's bike tire works on Ben's bike so we didn't lose too much time on our ride. Actually it worked out almost perfectly because Josh was finally ready by the time tires were swapped. Now I just need to get a new tube for Ben's bike cause there is a couple holes in the one that blew out. I bought a patch kit and have to find it again. Even if I'm not patching Ben's. It has the fun little tire wedge/prying/hook thingys. Anywho all three are a little sore but not too bad considering. Next I need to actually do some mountain biking off the path. And if we are just riding on the trail I am bringing my roadie.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good News

Something good has come out of our mishap at the Drumcorp last week. Apparently there were enough Teed Off people complaining to the Lied Center that something has changed. We can get our full refund if we bring the tickets back to them. I have not gotten all the info for the situation but things are looking up. There is also a second option I guess, discount. If you hold on to you ticket until next year you will get $15 off your ticket purchase. I'm glad they changed their mind and gave us more of a deal. Go angry people.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Flooded Starship

I didn't think Starships flooded. Most of the time they are zooming around in the air or space not in water. Unless you happen to be Luke Skywalker then maybe Starships are in water. Of course Yoda can raise it out of the sludge and muck by himself. In real life it takes 7 Padowans, five fans, and a pile of mud out side the Starship to get it out of water.
The long and short of it is way back on Monday, Krissy Joe and I went to the Starship 9 theatre to watch Mission Impossible III and found it closed with a pile of mud outside. Some how it flooded and was now closed for cleaning and what not. Last night Laura, Krissy, and I walked by on our way to the Cornhusker Summer Music games (that's another story) and found Starship up and running. I wonder if it was still going after the rain we had last night. Oh yeah, the quick version of the Cornhusker Summer music games is - Band #1 was set to play and it started to rain and Lightening and after waiting an hour for it to clear the head dudes told us to go home. The good thing is they are coming back next summer. The annoying things is we are getting a "Deal" for our jipped performance. The "Deal" is we get Premium seats for $15 next summer. There are many potential downfalls and crappy things to this deal that I won't go into. I am sure yall can think of some.