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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Waving Kids

So I figured out how to get around Blogger not liking Flash- export as an animated GIF. There is a logo that goes with the whole animation but you'll have to wait and see that on their website. Also the whole crazy postal thing was my first endeavor in Flash animation. Sadly you have to click on the picture to get it animated. Don't know why Blogger won't just animate them on the page. Oh well. Enjoy laughing at my amateur animation skills.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Kids Flash

Okay so my title is a little misleading/deceptive. To be more politically correct it should probably read- Little Kids waving thanks to Flash. Yes, you guessed it, I have learned Flash.
Children's Ministry has a logo that they wanted to animate. Krissy drew it out in Illustrator and gave it to me to animate. Now these two little static kids can wave, shuffle their feet, blink, and wink. I also made a bouncing yellow ball that turns a red block with STOP on it to a green postal box with GO. I tried to post the first one (Postal Box) but Blogger didn't like me. Once I finish this Flash project I'll have to either post it or link to it. Yay for me!
Oh and I also fixed that pesky Submit button from the last post. All I had to do is add mailto:george@thedragon.com in the URL box and it would PDF the entire form with the information and email it to George. After talking to Karen I found out that the form I had chosen was the most complex form that Big Lake has. So from here on out it their forms should be easier. Fun stuff. Take care all yall. Don't get iced in, those of you in the Midwest.