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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Neglected (In a perfect world)

It has been a while since I wrote on this blog. Mainly because I have a new place to blog and a website to keep up and partly because I am not a consistent blogger. I know I should be, especially since I live far away from 98%+ all those whom I know and love. (Angela and Seth are close but still 4ish hours away) True to form though, I am not much of a writer. Ideas come into my head and I think "I should blog about that" and then by the time I sit down at my computer at home the moment has passed and another blog has turned to vapor in my head. I make excuses that I can't blog from anywhere because I have to have iWeb and not only that I have to have MY iWeb on MY laptop. That is a little annoying but when you don't know how to code you are either stuck with a website locked into a program or you blog from Blogger or Word Press and link to and from your website. Sadly I have not figured out a nice way to combine my Blogger blog and my iWeb website. Oh well, such is life- compromises and imperfection.

In a perfect world I would know HTML and Objective-C as well as Java, Cocoa Touch and maybe Ruby on Rails that would all work on my 13" Aluminum Macbook (not the Air though that would be superb) or a nice 15" Macbook Pro. I would have a nice iPod Touch that would have apps that I programmed just for me and my friends. It might even have a Bluetooth keyboard, no mouse though- whats the point. Also in this perfect world I would have a full time job that I could commute nicely to either by the Max or by bicycle or even work from home. I would miss commuting with Krissy though. It has been very nice to commute with someone rather than just by yourself.

That would all be in a perfect world but as we all know the world isn't perfect. Sometimes I'm glad that this world isn't perfect because I think everything being perfect would be quite boring sometimes. We wouldn't have to worry about a lot of things yes but I fear we would lose some of the joy that comes with the unexpected. So here's to an imperfect world where I work 20 hours a week doing sometimes menial boring task on the PowerMac G4. Where I have a 2nd Generation 1GB iPod shuffle and a 12" Aluminum Powerbook G4. I don't know any programming language and I will have to go back to school to do so.

Oh well, life's not perfect but it sure is interesting.


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