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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I Feel Special

Today I was made to feel really really special. Almost a month ago Trent Russell asked me to do song service the following week. I declined cause it was a hellish week so I said the next week. Well that was ASB convocation so he was like "how bout the next week?" Sure why not. So I have been procrastinating finding people but finally Heidi agrees to sing with me. Nice and simple do three hymns you know casual chapel. So today I told Dr. Wong I would be doing song service so I left MicroBio a little early and headed over to the church. Only to be greeted by Trent who tells me that he forgot that he asked me to do song service and asked some one else to supply it. I wanted to swear at him. I was looking forward to playing and I'm shot down by "Oh I forgot I asked you." You know what that says to me? It says "you're not important in my mind. I only asked you cause I needed someone and I saw you. I didn't think ahead and be like 'hey I should ask Jeremy'." Thats what it says to me.

Monday, September 26, 2005

We don't serve you people here

This morning I made a To Do list and about 10:30 rolls around and I feel like I crossed off a lot on my list. So I am like "Hey I have a coupon book for a free junior Frostee. I think I deserve a treat." So I decided I would ride my bike down there to save gas and get a little fresh air and exercise. I don my helmet, coat and shoe and head down to put my cool lights on my bike. I just changed the front light's batteries and now I can actually see where I am going. So I am truckin' down 48th and I get down to Wendy's, pull up behind a car and wait. Well my turn come so I walk up to the little speaker thingy and nothing happens. I stand there for a couple seconds and another car pulls up so I let them pass. When they are done I walk up to the window and pull out my little coupon only to be shot down completely. I hand they guy my coupon and he is like "Well... actually this coupon doesn't work until the First of November." I was like "Well why are they selling them now if I can't use them." "Oh there're for Trick or Treatin." "That's stupid. Well give me a small frostee anyways." So I had him my cash and as he is giving me back my change he is like "for further reference we don't serve people on bikes. You actually have to be in a car." I'm like "why not?" "Cause of the Wendy's that got robbed by a guy on a bike." "Okay." Whatever. So he hands me my frostee and has the nerve to say "have a good night" Disgruntledly I say "yeah you too". As I am sitting there eating a little bit of my now paid for frostee I am like "I know I am a little unobservant and a little blind in my glasses but I didn't see any sign that was like 'Cars Only, No bikes allowed.' or 'We don't sever bikers'." I put on my helmet mount up and ride off with my melting frostee. On the way back I start thinking again and the thought crossed my mind, "Couldn't this be considered discrimination. So say I don't have a car but I want some Wendy's and their lobby is closed. Does that mean I can't get food. What if Wendy's was the only food I could get and I got hurt on the way home from passing out cause of a low blood sugar. Could I sue for unlawful discrimination and damages?" I think people that ride their bikes to fast food places are a good thing. They are saving gas and burning off all the fat and calories that they are going to consume or already consumed. yeah applauded not discriminated with stupid people that are like "we don't serve people on bikes here."

Coffee p.s.

I listened.


I have gotten many comments from people that are happy for me to be off coffee. I am glad to be off coffee but some times it is so tempting sitting over there with the filters and grounds right next to it. Case in point, I worked until 3:30 this morning and am planning to try and start writing a lab write up for Microbiology. I hear this little voice in my head saying "you are going to fall asleep writing that lab write up. Come on, put some water in me, put some ground beans in that filter, and turn me on. It won't hurt I promise. You'll thank me later." So I sit hear, falling asleep with cloudy eyes, dang eyes flippin out, and wondering... "If I stick to just one mug of coffee, will it affect me too much? Should I make a frapacinno like yesterday? I remember why I don't get gas station coffee/capachinno..." So if you see me later today and my feet are draggin and my eyes are droopy, you'll know I didn't listen to the voices in my head. If I look like I am holding on to a paint shaker, then you know I had too much. But if you see me and I look awake and calm, I probably had a little coffee. A little coffee didn't hurt no one... Well, um, I don't know that for sure but hey if it were bad for you they wouldn't make it so dang tasty and helpful. Or maybe that is why they make creamer and sugar so you don't taste how bad it is for you... Alas the lab write up is now talking to me too.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A big bad W

Today I did something I have never done in my college career. I withdrew from a class. I'm not saying I have never dropped a class before but I always did it before the cut off time. The wonderful thing about this big bad W is that I have sanity. I will be able to sleep at nights and do homework instead of staying up all night writing a report. Granted I still have a fair ammount of homework but not Issues with Schlieder. Oh I mean Issues of Diversity that only has two guys, and soon it will only have one. It makes me very happy and I will be able to survive my other classes without sleeping through them. Ahh... More than 4 hours of sleep will be a great thing tonight.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Awaking from a Dream

Have you ever waken from a dream and felt sad or in a tranquil mood because of the dream? You're not sad because you woke from it but because of something that happened in the dream. I have had that kind of morning. If today was suppose to be a rainy day I think I would fit in just fine and be okay with this mood but alas it is suppose to be 93 derees today. The bright side is 72 degree weather is forcasted for tomorrow. Atleast that is what was forcasted last night for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Time Warp

Yesterday in World Religions a couple friends of mine told me a not so... I guess morale boosting conclusion that they had come to. They said that I look like I did my Freshman year... OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! If they had said my freshman year of college I would have agreed but they said HIGH SCHOOL!? Most people look older in glasses but apparently I don't. I am even trying to grow my goatee back which is a slow process but they said High School. *sob sob* *weeping wailing and nashing of teeth* Why...? Why...?*slight sob* *sniffle sniffle*

Saturday, September 17, 2005

And this too shall pass

Ahhhh....... The end of a week. Tonight is what I needed to end my week with a good note. This week was filled with tests, report, and quizes. Sprinkled ontop of that was work and some time with Jennifer. But all that is gone for now. I sit here listening to Andy Gullahorn sing "Burning Bushes". Since the first time I heard him sing this song it has been my favorite. It almost makes me cry everytime I sing with it. I most always have to listen to it twice, I just repeated it. Another song that is one of my favorites is Smell the Color Nine. It is similar to Burning Bushes but instead of having all these miricles around me that I don't see, I learn to be content with the everyday miricle of life. I don't know what I would do without music. I have always felt that music touches places and feelings that words alone can't reach. It evokes emotions more powerfully than words. I love that someone's entire walk with Christ can be summed up in about 3 minutes of words and notes. That is why I respect musicians so much, their words are so concise and powerful. There is a country song that cracks me up everytime I hear it. The song is about a songwriter who's car needs alot of fixing and the mechanic is an amature singer/songwriter who play him a song. It's pretty funny. (Alan Jackson- The Talkin' Song Repair Blues) Anyways that really does go with my music is powerful tangent just read the song.

It is Sabbath now... It is time to rest, time to relax, time to reenergize. Happy Sabbath

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Hopeful Beginning

As I sit here at my computer I wonder if I will use this blog. I fear as so many things I start that it will fall to the way side and be left docile and cold for days maybe weeks at a time. My wish is that this blog will be able to transverse distance and allow those who are far from me to hear, I guess read my thoughts on the day. It is something that will take dedication but I pray that my writing will not stem from obligation but from a desire to express myself if for no one else but myself. That is my hope, my wish. my beginning.