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Monday, September 26, 2005


I have gotten many comments from people that are happy for me to be off coffee. I am glad to be off coffee but some times it is so tempting sitting over there with the filters and grounds right next to it. Case in point, I worked until 3:30 this morning and am planning to try and start writing a lab write up for Microbiology. I hear this little voice in my head saying "you are going to fall asleep writing that lab write up. Come on, put some water in me, put some ground beans in that filter, and turn me on. It won't hurt I promise. You'll thank me later." So I sit hear, falling asleep with cloudy eyes, dang eyes flippin out, and wondering... "If I stick to just one mug of coffee, will it affect me too much? Should I make a frapacinno like yesterday? I remember why I don't get gas station coffee/capachinno..." So if you see me later today and my feet are draggin and my eyes are droopy, you'll know I didn't listen to the voices in my head. If I look like I am holding on to a paint shaker, then you know I had too much. But if you see me and I look awake and calm, I probably had a little coffee. A little coffee didn't hurt no one... Well, um, I don't know that for sure but hey if it were bad for you they wouldn't make it so dang tasty and helpful. Or maybe that is why they make creamer and sugar so you don't taste how bad it is for you... Alas the lab write up is now talking to me too.


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