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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Joys of Cellphones

Post Dated Sunday November 27.
A realization hit me yesterday as I was walking to work. I was up for 20 hours on Sunday and 18 of them were spent in a moving vehicle. You see I woke up at 7am at Jenn's house. Drove home, then got in Thom's van and spent the next 11 hours driving to Lincoln in some crappy weather. Then 15 minutes after I got here I had to work Security til 3am. And that was leaving work early. So that was my long sunday. But... on to the topic of my title.
Cell phones rock when the driving conditions suck. Not only can you call home and tell them you are going 30 mph, but you can also call the other 3-5 cars that are headed back to Lincoln. Not only are there that many vehicles on I-94 and I-29, but they all have cell phones and we were able to call them. It was really nice knowing that Ross and Ryan were about 45 minutes ahead of us, we passed Anthony and Mikaela's car load and Kristen was about 45 minutes ahead of Ross. I would call Ross to see if they conditions were better or worse, he would call when it got slick. We could call home to check the road conditions even when they kept coming back the same, "crappy til you're out of South Dakota." Also we were able to call Amy and Tim to check on their progress since we had their kids in our car. We were slow going and so were they but they still beat us by at least an hour or two. And the final most important reason I love cellphones is that I can call Jennifer any time of the day, or in this case, night. It still amazes me how willing she is to be woken up in the middle of the night just to keep me awake at Security. I would not have made it through a couple nights of work if it were not for her listening ear. Cellphones are one of those contradicting necessary evils.

Monday, November 28, 2005

My Dead foot

Post scripted Wednesday November 23.
Last Wednesday, I arrived home at 4 A.M. and went staight to bed. At about 8:30 my cellphone rang. Hopeing it was Jennifer I reached for the phone, not realizing in my stupor that it wasn't her ringtone. I had been sleeping wierd on my legs so they were asleep and as I reached for the phone... I fell off my bed. It wouldn't be that bad but the fact that my left foot came down the side of my bed and hit the frame. Once again it wouldn't be that bad but my pinkie toe caught the frame. Wanting to curse out the person on the phone once I realized it was not Jenn since they didn't answer after my third "Hello?!" I hung up. I crawled back in to bed and when I woke up I found my little toe at about a 45 degree angle to the rest of my toes and dark purple. For the next 4 days my foot continued to darken and swell all the way to my ankle and all the toes cept the big toe turned dark and nasty. My toe is still tender and since I am walking funny, my ankle is beginning to tweak and hurt. The people that called me and made me fall off my bed called back Friday morning. They were looking for Angela and were the same people that I told that she was out of the country a week earlier. Mom called them back later and figured everything out. I still wanted to curse them out when they called Friday morning but I didn't. I just hope my foot gets back to normal soon. A good note on my incident is that plasma went really fast today due to all the ibeuprophen I took over the weekend. So my $70 day went quickly.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This... This is what I've been missing

Before I could even see in the early morning darkness, I knew something was different about today. When I awoke, I crash back to sleep when I hit my snooze button. I simply lay there peacefully and contentedly as you do after a restful night's sleep. This alone sort of puzzled me for I had only slept 5 hours. But once I crawled out of bed I knew why this day was different. I knew before I put on my glasses to partially see. For when I looked out my window... I saw snow. It had not been falling long for the sidewalks and other smooth surfaces were not covered but the grass and cars were. This excited me so much inside... The First Snow of the Season. I need to write a poem or a song about it. Maybe there is a song already I don't know. But there should be. I have long awaited this first snow. I enjoy the warmer Fall weather but my heart has longed to see and feel the snow. It is here. The wonder of this morning does not end there. Oh yes there is more. During my shower I knew what I was going to wear, yes I have that dilema some days, my favorite sweater and jeans. Ahh sweaters... There is no time to procrastinate now, I must retrieve my sweaters and hoodies from the confines of the B.O.O.N.Y. garage. Exchange them for my shorts and shortsleeve buttonup shirts. Yes, sweaters are my favorite thing to wear. And still the wonders do not stop there. Upon being clothed and contacted, I once again viewed out my window to find... everything was covered. Every car, tree, blade of grass, sidewalk, drive way, light pole was covered in snow. Good bye my colorful Autumn days turned dreary. Hello my clean, new, snow covered day. The snow may stay or it may leave tomorrow but that doesn't change that the First Snow of the Season is here. This... Yes, this is what I've been missing.

Monday, November 14, 2005

11 days later

I realize it has been over a week and getting close to 2 weeks since I last blogged. I realize that alot of things have happened. my mind is blank with all the things that have happened. Banquet is probably the biggest. My mother's birthday party. My nasty Microbiology test that ended up okay. Umm.....yeah oh and my really cool finds that I have told most everyone. See the great thing is I have talked to or seen personally most of the people that read this blog. Minus angela but I got to talk to her and have emailed. I was accused of using this blog to communicate instead of emails so that about sums up my reason for the 11 day absence. I hope to get back in track no wait... on track or in the groove of things this week. So yeah that about sums up this blog. Hopefully more later when I have pictures and fun stories. Also So many other people, okay mainly Ben Yancer, write about things that I would but that is a weak arguement. Good night one and many all.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

JD and JT

The other day at work Kendra Carlson was playing John Denver on the cd player. It made me happy and reminded me of Amy playing it while we were on a family trip once or twice. The sentiment continued the following day when I brought down Norah Jones' newest CD and James Taylor. Norah Jones always reminds me of Jennifer and James Taylor reminds me of Amy and Ben. Ahh my beloved family and music. Whenever I hear That Thing You Do Soundtrack or think of it I am transported back to Christmas Eve no... it was New Year's Eve playing games around the table with my siblings. Anyways I am off to write lab write ups and sway to the Melodic sounds of John and James.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This Tagging Game

I have not read up on this thing called "blog tag". Okay maybe it isn't called blog tag but a person gets tagged so why not. I have one issue with this tagging. No one tells you when you have been tagged. You are only told when they wonder why you haven't posted the list of 7 things. Where did this list come from and who came up with the idea of "Blog tag" anyways. Well I have no answers to my questions. I guess I should comply with being tagged especially since I was tagged both on Saturday by my cousin Brett and Sunday by my sister Amy.

The Tag of Seven:

Seven things to do before Death:
Learn to Fly
Sky Dive (not out of the plane I am flying)
Travel some where in a Train
Fly Fish in a Mountain stream
Record songs I have written if for no one else but myself
Walk through a Medival Castle
Know my Bible

7 things I can do:
Twist myself into knots, literally
Procrastinate from doing Microbiology
SCUBA dive
Walk down a hallway on my hands (and pick up my wallet when it falls out and keep going)
Drink a whole Nalgene of water in one breath
Dress up as a Train Engineer for Halloween and not feel stupid blowing a train whistle (last picture on previous post)
Give a damn good backrub

Siete things I can't do:
Speak or spell Spanish very well
Figure out how to play Andy Gullahorn Songs on the Guitar
Understand Microbiology from Dr. Wong
Write and talk at the same time
Paint or draw
Afford a nice car
Understand Politics

6+1 things I say often:
I hate Microbiology
I'm Hungry
oh chunk.. (don't ask cause I don't even know)
you know
I love you

4+3 Attractions to Opposite
Laughter-they love to laugh and make me laugh
Confidence-dress and attitude
Relationship with their family

1+6 Celebrity Crushes
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Garner
Scarlett Johansson
Charlize Theron
Catherine Bell
Allison Mack
Mystery Woman-my biggest

Well there goes that. Those were all that brett had on his blog thing. Hope you all enjoy and as far as tagging goes. I tag whoever reads this blog that does not know me. Please leave a comment when you are done completeing this crazy list and maybe we'll be able to reach across this blogging world and share.