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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This Tagging Game

I have not read up on this thing called "blog tag". Okay maybe it isn't called blog tag but a person gets tagged so why not. I have one issue with this tagging. No one tells you when you have been tagged. You are only told when they wonder why you haven't posted the list of 7 things. Where did this list come from and who came up with the idea of "Blog tag" anyways. Well I have no answers to my questions. I guess I should comply with being tagged especially since I was tagged both on Saturday by my cousin Brett and Sunday by my sister Amy.

The Tag of Seven:

Seven things to do before Death:
Learn to Fly
Sky Dive (not out of the plane I am flying)
Travel some where in a Train
Fly Fish in a Mountain stream
Record songs I have written if for no one else but myself
Walk through a Medival Castle
Know my Bible

7 things I can do:
Twist myself into knots, literally
Procrastinate from doing Microbiology
SCUBA dive
Walk down a hallway on my hands (and pick up my wallet when it falls out and keep going)
Drink a whole Nalgene of water in one breath
Dress up as a Train Engineer for Halloween and not feel stupid blowing a train whistle (last picture on previous post)
Give a damn good backrub

Siete things I can't do:
Speak or spell Spanish very well
Figure out how to play Andy Gullahorn Songs on the Guitar
Understand Microbiology from Dr. Wong
Write and talk at the same time
Paint or draw
Afford a nice car
Understand Politics

6+1 things I say often:
I hate Microbiology
I'm Hungry
oh chunk.. (don't ask cause I don't even know)
you know
I love you

4+3 Attractions to Opposite
Laughter-they love to laugh and make me laugh
Confidence-dress and attitude
Relationship with their family

1+6 Celebrity Crushes
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Garner
Scarlett Johansson
Charlize Theron
Catherine Bell
Allison Mack
Mystery Woman-my biggest

Well there goes that. Those were all that brett had on his blog thing. Hope you all enjoy and as far as tagging goes. I tag whoever reads this blog that does not know me. Please leave a comment when you are done completeing this crazy list and maybe we'll be able to reach across this blogging world and share.


Blogger Jennifer said...

You are so sweet... How did you remember that link? I don't think I could even have gotten there anymore. I really like your extra links too. It was exciting.

11/01/2005 8:22 PM  

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