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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Killing time, or vice versa

Besides my blog yesterday, I think. See I haven't even checked my blog lately so I don't even remember when I wrote. Anyways, I haven't been blogging much of late because I always forget to blog and also I know I should be doing something more productive with my time but right now I am killing time before my security meeting at 8:30. Hence my title but also for the second part, I feel like time is killing me cause I just don't make use of my time very effectively so I am getting behind. Well mainly and only in one class, Microbiology. Dislike the class but I had a wonderful "WOW" experience in class today. For once all semester when Dr. Wong asked a question which was directed at me I knew the answer. The great thing is that the next question I also knew the answer to. It may not sound like much but in a class that things don't really click very often when it does it's AMazing. I am not sure if God was like "hey Jeremy, this is what it could feel like if you studied." I think I finally realized my stupidity. Okay I knew it all along but it is hard to put time into a classs that you hate but you don't know if you hate it cause you are doing bad in it which is related to not putting time into but you aren't putting time into it cause you hate it and are doing bad in it. Yeah whatever that meant and if any one understands it good for you but if you don't... it's okay too. The good thing is I got my Midterm grades, yes I said the good thing. And I am doing better or about what I thought. Well better since I thought I had a running GPA of 3.0 but come to find out it is a 3.33 and this midterm with my C in Microbiology I have a 3.14. Which still excites me. All I want is to pass Microbiology with a minimum of a C cause it is contextual requirement thing for my major so I can't just sneak by with a D for the GE requirements. Anyways and anyhows. I have two bigas crappy lab write ups. One was due last wednesday and one was due today. Oh well. I have a reading report due tomorrow in World Religions and a quiz to take early so I can fly away to North Dakota. I am thinking of taking my Lappy and maybe writing a lab write up on the flight but I haven't fully decided that. I also have to pack. I think I will do the Reading Paper tonight and pack in the morning. Yeah that sounds good. Alrighty then. I am off to get a snack and something warm to drink before/during the meeting.


The hard thing with bloggin is writing it more like a journal in a more personal way or to write it TO the persons reading your blog. I think I stray more toward the later and make them more like and email. Cause by the time anyone reads this blog the relevant things are irrelevant and I am probably back in my room or doing something else besides what I was writing about. Just like now. I am still typing away when I said I was leaving to get some stuff before the meeting. Yeah I'm leaving now.


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