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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Already this Morning

This morning has been an event filled day already. Not eventful cause that would imply I might have already gotten something done. Nope not the case. The event filled day though has been ever so unproductive. I am behind on one assignment report and have a lab write up due today. So I got in bed about 1130 and planned to get up at 520 and work on the lab write up. Well my one alarm was set for 520 but the other one was still set from yesterday at 406. So that one goes off and I am alittle confused cause the wrong tone went off first. So I look at the clock and it reads 407 so I reset it for 526 and crawl back into bed. 5 o'clock rolls around and they both go off. I am still dead tired so I say screw it I'll still get them done some time, Set my stereo for 740 and go back to sleep once more. Well 715 comes and matt's alarm goes off and I swat at mine but realize it was not mine. SO I wake, tell matt about the three alarms already going off and slink under my blankets for the um.. what third time and it is not even 720 am. Well it's okay cause when my stereo went off I actually got up. Well... time to get some grub and work on that paper. I have a start on it but still it's not done.

Yesterday felt like thursday and though I know it is wednesday, It still feels like friday. I suppose in a way it is friday cause it is break tomorrow.


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