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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Softball 2005

Well... Softball season is officially over. The final two games were played tonight sealing the pages in the Fall 2005 gamebook forever. I look back on our 5 games with a small tear in my eye. A tear of JOY cause we WON!!!! We are the Champions of 05' Softball. Yeah yeah!! wooo wooo!!! It was a great season with the Team Marcia Made. TEAM J!!!! Three cheers with hats in the air. Our winning strategy was to be patient and let them walk you if possible. It was when we diviated from that they our innings went from 9 or 10 runs to 3. I am fully guilty of that cause one of my at bats was a weak fly out to the third base. but.... my First hit of the night was a... Three Run HOMER! My second or third of the season. I think it was my second. My first homerun was... A GRAND SLAM. Greg Steiner and Jon Kruger also had Homeruns with one of Jon's being another Grand Slam. That was during the first game of the season. We were patient but swung for the fences. Ahh it was fun. It is sad that it's over but it was a great season with really cool people. Marcia asked if we would be up for this next year. All we for it but Jon... course he wants to be graduated before then so it is understandable. Yes yes twas fun. I didn't get to play football for a t-shirt but I'll settle for a softball instead. Well, off to work soon, yipe. 1030 til 330. *thick sarcasm* I'm excited. We are the champions of.... Softball. My Friends... *Enthusiastic music fading into the distance*


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Wow! If I don't ever feel like I was in the grand stands. Quite the report, I must say! Well, congratulations, sir. I'm proud of you! Talk to you tonight.

10/10/2005 10:58 AM  

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