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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A sad revelation

Well I guess I am back in the swing of blogging. Two in the span of like 30 minutes. This morning was a sad morning in one way and a happy day in another. The thing that made it a happy day was the fact that it has finally cooled off. The sad thing is that it is now a bit too cold to wear my trusty Chacos that I have faithfully worn 90% of the span from May to Now. *sniffle* It is also a good day because I can now fully pull out my sweaters and not melt away. Ah.. I love fall weather, I love wrapping up in a comfy sweater. Wrapping up either to take on the day with style and force or wind down after the day with an ol' reliable worn in sweater a cup of warm something and a good book or movie. Which ever would work. Depending if I'm alone or snuggling with a special someone in a nice fluffy blanket. Yes, yes I love fall and its cooler weather.


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