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Monday, September 26, 2005

We don't serve you people here

This morning I made a To Do list and about 10:30 rolls around and I feel like I crossed off a lot on my list. So I am like "Hey I have a coupon book for a free junior Frostee. I think I deserve a treat." So I decided I would ride my bike down there to save gas and get a little fresh air and exercise. I don my helmet, coat and shoe and head down to put my cool lights on my bike. I just changed the front light's batteries and now I can actually see where I am going. So I am truckin' down 48th and I get down to Wendy's, pull up behind a car and wait. Well my turn come so I walk up to the little speaker thingy and nothing happens. I stand there for a couple seconds and another car pulls up so I let them pass. When they are done I walk up to the window and pull out my little coupon only to be shot down completely. I hand they guy my coupon and he is like "Well... actually this coupon doesn't work until the First of November." I was like "Well why are they selling them now if I can't use them." "Oh there're for Trick or Treatin." "That's stupid. Well give me a small frostee anyways." So I had him my cash and as he is giving me back my change he is like "for further reference we don't serve people on bikes. You actually have to be in a car." I'm like "why not?" "Cause of the Wendy's that got robbed by a guy on a bike." "Okay." Whatever. So he hands me my frostee and has the nerve to say "have a good night" Disgruntledly I say "yeah you too". As I am sitting there eating a little bit of my now paid for frostee I am like "I know I am a little unobservant and a little blind in my glasses but I didn't see any sign that was like 'Cars Only, No bikes allowed.' or 'We don't sever bikers'." I put on my helmet mount up and ride off with my melting frostee. On the way back I start thinking again and the thought crossed my mind, "Couldn't this be considered discrimination. So say I don't have a car but I want some Wendy's and their lobby is closed. Does that mean I can't get food. What if Wendy's was the only food I could get and I got hurt on the way home from passing out cause of a low blood sugar. Could I sue for unlawful discrimination and damages?" I think people that ride their bikes to fast food places are a good thing. They are saving gas and burning off all the fat and calories that they are going to consume or already consumed. yeah applauded not discriminated with stupid people that are like "we don't serve people on bikes here."


Blogger bertly said...

That sucks. I can somewhat see the reasoning, but alas, our society is full of crazy rules and laws. But I get the same annoyance when I go to Village Inn with my friend Terrel (who is black) in west omaha and we don't get served or waited on or greeted for half an hour. Or when I go to certain restaurants with Erika and Stacey and they're asked to not hold hands, never mind the fact that all the couples behind them are. Someday the world will wake up. And Wendy's will serve you frosty's on your bike. (I too had that same annoying coupon thing happen to me the other day I agree.. why sell something that you can't use for a month?) It must be those Republicans ruining everything again. :)

9/29/2005 7:55 PM  
Blogger Cerise said...

Republicans don't believe in bike-riding. It means one less person is depending on foreign oil!

9/30/2005 3:09 PM  
Blogger barberboy said...

my favorite part of your post:

"I know I am a little unobservant and a little blind in my glasses but I didn't see any sign that was like 'Cars Only, No bikes allowed.' or 'We don't "sever" bikers'."

I'd say that's a good thing.

10/04/2005 5:11 AM  

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