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Friday, October 28, 2005

One Man Revolt

Today I took a page out of Ben Yancer's book and staged a one man revolt against Nebraska weather. I deceided to wear my chacos, shorts, and a short sleeve t-shirt. I did wear my new UC zip hoody in the morning but really don't need it this afternoon since it is going to be High 60s close to 70. I am now sitting in World Religions ignoring my teacher cause what he is talking about is not important. He said that we didn't have to take notes. I have his PowerPoint pressentation anyways. Well before he looks at me and gets annoyed I am going to wrap up this blog. He talks and talks so he won't notice too much. Thankfully my one man revolt worked out better than Ben's revolt. He only wore his sandals but it is a good thing cause it rained the day he revolted. It is b-e-a-ut-iful today. Hope for Friday is just a wonderful and your Sabbath is too.


Blogger Ben said...

No fair.

Your revolt, that is.

And also that I'm still at work and it's 3:45 on a Friday afternoon and I don' forsee myself leaving before 4:30.

No fair.

10/28/2005 1:45 PM  

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