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Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday night and the Moon is High

Okay so it isn't Friday night, but the moon is out. I think anyways. It is out whether I see it or if I don't because of the clouds. They were just the first words that came into my head when I logged onto blogger and clicked the tab for creating. It is from Keith Urban's latest release. It is a great song. Better Life A grand one that Jenn had me listen to last semester. It is fun and not serious but yeah and great love song for us. Today was kindof a not fun day for me cause I was really tired from working and having 4 cups of coffee on a mostly empty stomach. I was dragging all day but come supper time things turned up. I went down to supper at 5:30 and got back into my room about 9:30. I am not joking at all and I was not working there. I was sitting with a couple of guys from 7th and then Brittney from Mt. Ellis came and sat down and then the seventh floor people left and then Dakota people came and then I left but didn't cause I was waiting for Britt to tell me if we were going to a movie but then didn't and started talking with different people trying to help them with different situations they are going through. Oh yeah, I got rejected by two different girls when I asked if they wanted to go to the banquet with me. I know some of you might be like "What?! How dare you. What about Jennifer?" Well the two girls were Becky Hennlein and Amy Purvis. Both of which have no romantic feelings towards me at all. Anyways it was alot of fun talking with the different people and procrastinating from doing my Microbiology lab write ups that are way late. I know I know I need to get them done and will... sometime. I know sometime doesn't cut it. Don't worry about my grades, I will be fine. Anyways I am going to look up some Spiderman cards that Amy sent to me by way of Ben to see how much they are worth. Maybe I can get a sleeping bag by selling them.Yeah yeah. Woo wooo.


Blogger Amy said...

hey, i was going to ask you if you got the spiderman cards. i'm glad ben remembered. it sure would be nice if they're worth something. you'd think if one was worth $30 ten years ago it would be worth about the same today. thank you, kendell. let me know if you get anything for them.

10/30/2005 5:17 PM  

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