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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Oregon Coast

Well the first weekend we were here, no hotels room was to be found in the Portland area. There was some sort of basketball tournament thing going on. Krissy was getting very worried because it was like 8 0'clock in the evening and we didn't have a room. So I suggested two things- either go up the Columbia Gorge or go out to the coast. Krissy chose the coast and started calling.
The first place was full but lady luck shone on us, for the second place she called just had a cancellation for Friday and Saturday night. We made the reservation, got some stuff from the truck and headed out to the coast. The Terimore at Netarts Oregon is farther out there then you think. Especially when you are driving on a twisty road through the forest at 1030 at night. If it had not been pitch black, the drive would have been more fun because I felt like I was rally racing. Thankfully though we made it safe and sound to the hotel and fell fast asleep.
The next morning came and was a nice brisk coastal day. Sunny and 65 with a brisk ocean breeze. This was my first time to the ocean. We might have gone when I was a wee lad in Florida but I do not really remember. Also the Pacific Ocean in the Northwest is far different from the Atlantic Ocean down in Florida. One thing that is the same though is that you can get very burnt when you forget sunscreen.
Krissy and I spent the day walking down the coast from Netarts to Oceanside. It was a good walk especially with the tide out. We collected shells and even some aggats. (you know the rocks that look like crystals or whatnot) Up at Oceanside, we ate at a quaint little restaurant. The food was very good and we got to look out over the ocean while we ate. We watched the tide come in and realized our walk back would be totally different than our walk out. Oh well we enjoyed it the same.
After we got back to our room/small apartment, we cleaned up and napped for a little bit. Then off to the lighthouse we went. We found this spruce up near the light house that is absolutely huge and very strange. The picture says it all.

So on our way back we stopped on a look out point to watch the sun go down. Very beautiful. Then we stopped at the local general store and bought some Tilamook Marionberry Pie Icecream. Ooo soo good. We still have a little left. Yum. I tried to start a fire but did not have enough kindling and the wood wasn't exactly dry either. Oh well, at least I tried right? Krissy fell asleep on the couch while I watched TV so I had to wake her so we could go to bed. I thought of carrying her off to bed but didn't want to hurt any sunburns and chances are I would knock her head on the wall or something. I tend to ruin romantic things that way.
It was a nice relaxing weekend after having to rush rush rush out here. Thankfully she didn't have to start work until Thursday, so we were able to move in a little bit. Now Krissy is at work and I am blogging away when boxes should be getting unpacked. I still have a few hours before she gets back from work. I can still be productive.

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Taste of the Oregon Coast

Just a little taste of the Oregon Coast that Krissy and I experience when we were on our "Mock Honeymoon" the first weekend we were here. More to come later.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The last 55 days

So it has been a long time since I last blogged. That is not to say that it has been a slow boring 55 days. Far from it. After graduation I got a job working down at Pioneers with Parks and Rec. Good old manual labor out in the great green open. Then on the first weekend of June, Krissy went out to Portland for an interview with the Oregon conference. That went well and hence why I am currently blogging from our new snazzy apartment in Gresham Oregon. But I am getting ahead of myself. I will blog more later but I must let you know what is happening right now. Currently it is 1040 Pacific time and something very funny is going on. The "late breaking news" tonight is a thunder storm that is "sweeping through the area". This area cracks me up, breaking news is a thunderstorm that isn't even rotating or hailing all over the place. They ask watchers to send in pictures or video in of the storm. ooooooooo I'm soooooo scared. Oh well. Anyways we have to be over to Gladstone by 830 tomorrow so Krissy and I are headed to bed. We will have to blog more once we get the apartment more in order. Oh, for those that missed it- Krissy and I got married on the 27th of June. That falls somewhere in the last 55 manic days. Yeah I know something that exciting should have been blogged about. It was, just not by me. That would be my sister in law at www.barberbanter.com Well goodnight.