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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well everybody, I made it. I am still alive after the most trying semester I have ever had. Thats saying something after some of the semesters I have had in the past. Right now I know that my EMT is refreshed, I passed HAZMAT, and 7 out of my 12 or 13 hours of classes are As. HIV, Capstone, and HAZMAT are all As. That is the plural of A not capitalized as. Just so you know. Any ways I have also survived having no snow yet this year, barely surviving that, also taking three people to the airport at 4 am Thursday morning. I've survived book buyback and ornery people that come way late to sell back books, christmas shopping for my mother, stepdad, and grandmother, and dealing with the looming doom of not knowing what my job will be after graduation in May. In just about 5 months, actually less than 5 months, I will be graduated and my hope for employment has fallen on deaf ears it seems. Thats okay, I probably won't find out that I could keep the student employment as full time after graduation until like 3 weeks before grad. Oh well, who needs to plan for post-graduation employment. bah... Just wanted to catch all of you up. Lastly my house is a mess, well... parts are a mess because of me, I have Krissy's christmas presents, and I get to go home on Wednesday for Christmas. Lets hope that Christmas will be a white one, even if just for one or two days. Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Back with Mixed Reviews

*in annoying announcer voice* Back for the first time in over 14 month and met with mixed review... JEREMY WITH SHORT HAIR!!!!! As of Friday the 1st Jeremy NOW HAS SHORT HAIR. This was met with mixed reviews, see sidebar for girlfriend's blog. Some that knew Jeremy with short hair, are accustomed to the lack of wavy redness. Others however that have only known Jeremy as a look alike of Fred and George Weasley now have to revamp their perspective. The funniest by far was from friend Joe in church. Jeremy told him it got caught in a weed hacker. "The weed hacker Vern, the weed hacker!"
Just think, now Jeremy won't complain of HAIR SHARING HIS FOOD, STOCKING HATS SLIDING OFF, WIND WHIPPING HAIR ACROSS HIS FACE, HAVING TO BUY SOO MUCH SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER, WET COLLARS IN THE MORNING, and last but not least TANGLES. However there are some disadvantages such as COLD EARS, HIS GIRLFRIEND LOSING HIM IN A CROWD, HAVING TO FIX HIS HAIR, though getting the tangles out in the morning took just as long, and LOSING THE NICKNAME WEASLEY. Take heart though, Fred and George also cut their hair for the newest Harry Potter movie so maybe people will still call him Weasley. Also have no fear fantasy lover, for Jeremy now also looks like another mystical character- Brom from Eragon. (Pictures following to illustrate, also check Krissy's blog)
Well it is time to go now, Jeremy will be making appearances with his short hair during Christmas in ND, New Years at Amy's and for the duration of... well a good long while. It looks as if Jeremy's days of LONG WAVY NATURALLY HIGHLIGHTED RED HAIR are gone for now. Don't worry they may come back, in a year or two or three. So for now, so long and fare well.