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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Festival of Renaissance

On Sunday, a group of 9 made a traverse of almost 200 miles to The City of Kansas in Kansas. For the past 30 years hoards of people have made the trek to a secluded little glade where this fanciful event takes place. Pipes and Plaid ruled the weekend, along with many large bred dogs and semi dressed wenches and well dressed ladies. Men wore too small tights as well as wanna be kilts, traditional wrap and shoulder throw kilts, and cloaks galore. The weather was faire and beautiful with a nice breeze and plenty of sun. Lance, sword, and ax were used to defend honor while spear, kaber, and stone were used to show feats of strength for silver medals on blue ribbon. I should have used sun screen for my cheeks, lips and nose have a tomato glow to them. Krissy got it a tish worse for her bodice and undershirt left shoulders and chest bare. Twas a good day with far too little sleep. I wished to purchase a sword whilst I was there but settled with a sticker ribbon for ringing the hammer bell ringing and a nice shiny medal on blue ribbon for the stone throw. All in all twas a delightful weekend full of busy-ness and fun.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Midwest Monsoon and Hem

Today has been the oddest rainy day I have ever had. It seemed more like a winter storm than a rain storm. To make things even odder this system looks like a hurricane in the middle of the country. I love rain and it has been one of those day that all one wants to do is bake cookies, drink cider or hot cocoa whilst watching a movie. The baking cookies happened but during the season premier of Gray's Anatomy. 16 people were watching Gray's in Laura's basement so the 32 Pillsbury chocholate chip cookies didn't go too far. There were enough to go around just not more than twice. I horded the special ones for me myself and my Bible study tomorrow night, Big Deluxe Peanut Butter cup cookies. Yummmmmy.
Second item on my title- Hem. Long long time ago my sista and I heard Hem's debut on NPR. Just tonight some mutal firm or insurance firm's commercial used "Half an Acre". I haven't heard Hem for quite some time so I looked them up on Amazon.com. Loe and behold they have five more CDs other than Rabbit Songs. This makes me happy. I one of their CDs or eastmountainsouth or Relient K or Jill Philip's newest Cd or any other of Jill's albums besides Writing on the wall. I have alot of CDs that I want to get but alas I need $ to do that and right now I am sqeaking by. Til christmas or graduation or a lotto win. Oh and on the Christmas note- All I want is a digital camera I can take to Venezuela and have it survive. A pooling of everyone's funds would be totally cool. A waterproof digital camera and a memory chip or two. Yeah I know we haven't even hit Halloween yet and I'm talking Christmas. I just have too much to get done before then to worry about it later. So love ya all and pool your money.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bike Riding

Story #1:The last Wednesday night in August, Krissy and I got the urg to go on a bike ride. By the time we finally did get out to riding it was getting darker so we ran down to Target. There was a generator headlight and tail light. To make a long story shorter, the generator didn't work and was a pain to put on. Once we got going, I was riding my brother's Roadie and she was riding my sister's Coast King (it's old and has issues that could be fixed but haven't). Due to the differences in bike size, person size, and gear ratios, Krissy was behind a little. Also the Coast King takes some getting used to. We switched bikes and were able to keep a steady pace together... until one of the pedals on the Coast King fell off. Thankfully I had noticed it and were heading back but we were still at A street and Normal Blvd. We made it back to the house in pretty good time considering half of the time I was propelling myself in a scooter type fashion and the other half I was riding with one pedal. It was a feat and by the time we got back Krissy was laughing so hard she was having a hard time controling the bike. I can confidently say I got my exercise that evening and also worked muscles that are not used to that. Good laughs and memories, right?
Story #2: Yesterday we got another hankering to get out of Lincoln or just do something because of the weather- gray and drizzly. So we finally settled on riding our bikes to Pioneers. Yes to Pioneers in the rain. We called a friend to see if he wanted to come. His initial reaction was a "are you two nuts?!" kind of reaction. The funny part was after convincing him I had some water proofish pants, he agreed. So the three of us rode down to Pioneers in the drizzle and rain and no rain and were able to get back in time for V2. To explain that phenominum- we left his house at 440 and got back at 705 and got to V2 by 735. We all had mud stripes up our back and back side, were a tish wet from without and within our coats, and were all plesantly worked out. It was good to get out and realize that I might just be able to make it through the CABL Triathalon again this year. I should train but don't, I should get running shoes but won't, and I should be worried about surviving but am not. This is my third Triathalon without training, I'll be fine. Hopefully....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ode to the days of summer

Summer summer where'd you go
The days of class go soooo slow
Gone away the carefree days
Here to stay the long day haze
730 classes are such a pain
Softball and coffee keep me sane
Sleeping in happens only in dreams
Keep coffee flowing in a steady stream.