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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Midwest Monsoon and Hem

Today has been the oddest rainy day I have ever had. It seemed more like a winter storm than a rain storm. To make things even odder this system looks like a hurricane in the middle of the country. I love rain and it has been one of those day that all one wants to do is bake cookies, drink cider or hot cocoa whilst watching a movie. The baking cookies happened but during the season premier of Gray's Anatomy. 16 people were watching Gray's in Laura's basement so the 32 Pillsbury chocholate chip cookies didn't go too far. There were enough to go around just not more than twice. I horded the special ones for me myself and my Bible study tomorrow night, Big Deluxe Peanut Butter cup cookies. Yummmmmy.
Second item on my title- Hem. Long long time ago my sista and I heard Hem's debut on NPR. Just tonight some mutal firm or insurance firm's commercial used "Half an Acre". I haven't heard Hem for quite some time so I looked them up on Amazon.com. Loe and behold they have five more CDs other than Rabbit Songs. This makes me happy. I one of their CDs or eastmountainsouth or Relient K or Jill Philip's newest Cd or any other of Jill's albums besides Writing on the wall. I have alot of CDs that I want to get but alas I need $ to do that and right now I am sqeaking by. Til christmas or graduation or a lotto win. Oh and on the Christmas note- All I want is a digital camera I can take to Venezuela and have it survive. A pooling of everyone's funds would be totally cool. A waterproof digital camera and a memory chip or two. Yeah I know we haven't even hit Halloween yet and I'm talking Christmas. I just have too much to get done before then to worry about it later. So love ya all and pool your money.


Blogger Jennifer said...

That is a spiffy doppler picture. Crazy. It's been raining here too - I suppose a spin off of your storm. I'm loving it.

9/22/2006 10:02 AM  

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