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Friday, July 14, 2006

Flooded Starship

I didn't think Starships flooded. Most of the time they are zooming around in the air or space not in water. Unless you happen to be Luke Skywalker then maybe Starships are in water. Of course Yoda can raise it out of the sludge and muck by himself. In real life it takes 7 Padowans, five fans, and a pile of mud out side the Starship to get it out of water.
The long and short of it is way back on Monday, Krissy Joe and I went to the Starship 9 theatre to watch Mission Impossible III and found it closed with a pile of mud outside. Some how it flooded and was now closed for cleaning and what not. Last night Laura, Krissy, and I walked by on our way to the Cornhusker Summer Music games (that's another story) and found Starship up and running. I wonder if it was still going after the rain we had last night. Oh yeah, the quick version of the Cornhusker Summer music games is - Band #1 was set to play and it started to rain and Lightening and after waiting an hour for it to clear the head dudes told us to go home. The good thing is they are coming back next summer. The annoying things is we are getting a "Deal" for our jipped performance. The "Deal" is we get Premium seats for $15 next summer. There are many potential downfalls and crappy things to this deal that I won't go into. I am sure yall can think of some.


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