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Monday, November 13, 2006


So much for not dreaming. I dreamed all night long about EMS and HAZMAT situations and calls. bah.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

BTL Frickin S

Today I had to be in class by 8:00 AM. I got to Health Sciences at about 730 so I could make a pot of coffee before class started. It was locked. So I had to wake Krissy up and get her keys. I felt bad but got a morning kiss from a cute sleepy girl. Any who went and unlocked the front door and started to make some joe. About a dozen students were there before M showed up at 755. Arg. I really wish he would show up earlier than 5 minutes before. Ok so the Orange juice, donuts, and bananas made up for about a tenth of him being late.
When I planned on bringing my coffee maker I planned on sharing. By the end of lunch we had finished off the 3rd pot of coffee. This was good Starbuck's whole bean Breakfast blend coffee. hmmmmm..... My not quite pound bag cost $7 and I had only made one pot before this. So I didn't want to make any more and people had gone out to lunch so they can get their own caffeine fix. Well apparently some people just like being moochers and ungrateful ones at that. One student, we will call P, asked me if I would make more coffee. When I told him 3 pots was it, had the gall to give me a "well why not?" look. AAAHHHHH. Most students and the guest teacher were grateful for the coffee even if it was a little strong. Poooy, why must people look a gift horse in the mouth.
So after lunch we did some group of 8 scenarios which really got your mind going and took the written. I got 22/33 right on the pre-test. Don't think I did that well on the post-test. So this evening we did some scenarios that were our testing out of practical skills. That started late and once again I was frustrated with the managerial/organizational skills of the one and only M. My group kicked butt though. We cruised through the scenarios and work as a team.
So since about 645pm I have been working on and off on my HAZMAT practical test. So so confusing and frustrating. Things have piled up this week, well this month to where I feel totally behind and want to quit school. No I won't do that. I graduate in May, I graduate in May. Just keep telling yourself that Jeremy. It is now 1140 and I need to get sleeping. I don't want to dream about BTLS and HAZMAT. Hopefully I am too tired to dream tonight

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Perfection is a good egg sandwich

I had a bagel and egg sandwich this morning because Ben made me hungry for one. Surprisingly the egg ended up the perfect size. Egg did not fall out everywhere and maybe that is because there was no cheese on it. :( Oh well. It is almost Friday and even though it looks to be a bleak day for Frisbee I can't wait.