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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bike Jousting

I found out today that I can ride my bike while carrying a 12 foot step ladder in one hand. Things go okay until stopping is concerned or bumps. Carrying a 6 foot ladder is much easier and doesn't cause as much wobbling. While transporting the 12 foot ladder and man on the sidewalk gave me a funny look. "Its Bike Jousting" was my only reply. I don't think he thought it very funny. Oh well, I did.


It is a good thing that neither Kayla, Angela, or little Ben are not CSI agents. No cases would be solved.

Yesterday I went to the last Jazz in June down by the Sheldon Art Gallary. I driven my car to school but wanted to ride my bike instead. Krissy was already downtown with her car and I didn't feel like having a second one down there for the sake of fuel consumption. Also I am trying to get/keep in shape this summer by riding my bike. Any who to the topic at hand. Before I left, my water bottle needed filling and I locked the house already. Got out my keys, unlocked the kitchen door and filled up the bottle. There is something you should know about the kitchen door, you can lock it without the key. I think you know where this is going.
I did not realize my keys were gone until about 2 hours later while packing up the blanket after Jazz in June. Panic was not setting in so I called Ben to see if they were on the counter. He wasn't home yet but would look and give me a call. The call was missed when he did get home. Alas no keys on the counter, according to Angela.
To make a semi long story shorter, I found my keys on the counter. I, Me, Myself found the keys that weren't on the counter. I am sure if I ask Angela she would say they were hiding. Hiding right next to/ semi under the bag of chips. I am thankful that my keys were there safe and sound. It makes me laugh that they were unable to find them. Or perhaps unwilling to look full heartedly. So maybe the three mentioned above would be good CSI agents. However they make lousy key finders.

Monday, June 26, 2006

My Hair

It has been awhile since some of my faithful readers have seen me. My hair (both on my head and face) has grown longer. The sun has put some pretty cool high lights in my hair as well as some color on my face. We decided to have a little fun before I cut my hair a bit before the wedding. Please don't disown me.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Too Fast Too Furious Tooo Cooooool

Last night Laura, Krissy and I went to see The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift down at the Grande. Krissy had seen it the previous week and loved it so we all wanted to see it. After the movie we had a discussion as to which movie is the best. The general consensus was the Second Movie was lacking a bit. The first and third are both great movies but there is very little comparison between the two. Totally different racing styles and way different hot cars. The ever present love story was semi cheesey. The girl minded us of Janett Jackson and one of the guys reminded all three of us of the Justin in charge of Project Impact. All in all it was a good time for the three of us. We have started sort of a tradition that when we go downtown for a movie, either cheap or not, we go over to Cold Stone Creamery for some good stuff. I have a buy one get one on the Pogo card. It we aren't careful we'll use up the spaces and gain poundage over the summer. Hey, the Pogo card runs out in December so I best use up what I can before it gets cold and the Pogo card runs out. Anyways for the hot car and hot women lovers out there, Go now and see Tokyo Drift. It'll put a smile on your face.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Simply Limeade

Beware of good lime or lemon ade. It might make comments such as "Pucker Up" come out of your mouth. Such comments might be taken as an invitation in mixed company. Fore warned fore armed. Go get yourself some of the good stuff.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back in Blue

Hello all my faithful checkers of my blog. I am sorry that you have received nothing in return for your loyalty for over a month. It is hard to get cell reception where I was let alone internet. Fear no more because I am home safe and sound in Lincoln sleeping on a wonderful bed with down feather tick. Ahh the luxuries of living in a house and not a tent. Daily showers with pressure and the ability to keep your feet clean for more than 30 seconds is also a wonderful thing. I have lots of stories, actually kept a journal, but those are for another time. Thanks for checking and continuing to check.