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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This... This is what I've been missing

Before I could even see in the early morning darkness, I knew something was different about today. When I awoke, I crash back to sleep when I hit my snooze button. I simply lay there peacefully and contentedly as you do after a restful night's sleep. This alone sort of puzzled me for I had only slept 5 hours. But once I crawled out of bed I knew why this day was different. I knew before I put on my glasses to partially see. For when I looked out my window... I saw snow. It had not been falling long for the sidewalks and other smooth surfaces were not covered but the grass and cars were. This excited me so much inside... The First Snow of the Season. I need to write a poem or a song about it. Maybe there is a song already I don't know. But there should be. I have long awaited this first snow. I enjoy the warmer Fall weather but my heart has longed to see and feel the snow. It is here. The wonder of this morning does not end there. Oh yes there is more. During my shower I knew what I was going to wear, yes I have that dilema some days, my favorite sweater and jeans. Ahh sweaters... There is no time to procrastinate now, I must retrieve my sweaters and hoodies from the confines of the B.O.O.N.Y. garage. Exchange them for my shorts and shortsleeve buttonup shirts. Yes, sweaters are my favorite thing to wear. And still the wonders do not stop there. Upon being clothed and contacted, I once again viewed out my window to find... everything was covered. Every car, tree, blade of grass, sidewalk, drive way, light pole was covered in snow. Good bye my colorful Autumn days turned dreary. Hello my clean, new, snow covered day. The snow may stay or it may leave tomorrow but that doesn't change that the First Snow of the Season is here. This... Yes, this is what I've been missing.


Blogger Jennifer said...

I love it! How exciting. We do make a good pair. I like the new color scheme as well. Appropriate for the change of season. You make me so happy. I wish I could share the morning with you. Since that's impossible - sharing your excitment is almost as good.

11/15/2005 10:26 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

we too received a little snow but mostly it is blowing around and is bitterly cold. I love winter if it were not for the wind.

11/15/2005 3:58 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

the carpenters sing a song called "the first snowfall of the winter." it's a tradition of mine to play it on the day it first snows, but your blog just reminded me that i forgot to do it because we came home late that night. plus we keep our house at 50 degrees. it's amazing how many things don't get done when you keep your house at 50 degrees. i end up sitting in the recliner bundled up in blankets, sometimes watching tv, sometimes just sitting. if we put on our coveralls we're a little more mobile, but it's still hard to get the motivation for, well, anything. i think i'm going to blog about it.

11/17/2005 4:08 PM  

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