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Monday, November 14, 2005

11 days later

I realize it has been over a week and getting close to 2 weeks since I last blogged. I realize that alot of things have happened. my mind is blank with all the things that have happened. Banquet is probably the biggest. My mother's birthday party. My nasty Microbiology test that ended up okay. Umm.....yeah oh and my really cool finds that I have told most everyone. See the great thing is I have talked to or seen personally most of the people that read this blog. Minus angela but I got to talk to her and have emailed. I was accused of using this blog to communicate instead of emails so that about sums up my reason for the 11 day absence. I hope to get back in track no wait... on track or in the groove of things this week. So yeah that about sums up this blog. Hopefully more later when I have pictures and fun stories. Also So many other people, okay mainly Ben Yancer, write about things that I would but that is a weak arguement. Good night one and many all.


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