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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Answer

Okay Ben, not my brother, wins. I was working on Fixing Sam's timing belt. That is why I have grease hands but that is not entirely why my hands look that way. Since a picture is worth a thousand words here is why. I have this shirt that I absolutely love because it has these spiffy nifty cuffs that I can put my thumbs through. It helps so much with keeping your wrists warm and free of snow when skiing, shovling, shoving people in to snow banks. You know things like that. On a side note these pictures were taken with my... parents' new Digital Camera. It is a really nice HP that we kids helped pay for with a gift card cause that is what they wanted. They now have a digital camera and a movie camera to fully document their wonderful trip to Hawaii for their Anniversary. They are taking a Cruise around the Islands and are totally excited about it and so am I. Anyways will post tomorrow about how my break is going for those of you who are wondering, i.e Emily. But of course she could just phone me and ask me in person. But that would mean she would have to make an effort and not be lazy about keeping in contact with people. Some one, Jennifer, just whispered in my ear that I could call too. And perhaps I will as a S.O.S activity. And once again congratulations to Ben who guessed correctly, well mostly correctly, why my hands looked like they had a Speedo clean spot on them.


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