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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

High Time

Well I think it is high time I inform the rest of bloggerdom what has transpired with me since last post. I don't remember the date of my last post but many things have happened. I am done with my semester and I think I passed all my classes with a fair margin of error or buffer whatever you want to call it. I have yet to get my grades but I am confident they will be okay. Also I am currently at Jennifer's new house with a big picture window to my left looking out over a very nice senery. There is a time frame of about five days that need to be informed upon.
Friday afternoon I decided that I was going to vegg out and play some Playstation 2 and found that Matt had alot of games and one in peticular that I wanted to play, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. So Friday afternoon Ben and I played alittle then went to Acoustic Music Plus to play some guitars. I never know what you play when I get a bunch of guitars around me cause I don't play MY guitar enough to have a library of songs. Any who jumping to Saturday, Ben and I started up the PS2 again but then played Sequence and The Farming Game til 2am and then played PS2 til 430. Went to Legend of Zorro Sunday night and that was about the weekend. Monday/Tuesday is what needs to be informed upon.
I wasn't planning to go home until Thursday but some events transpired so I headed home at about 4pm. Well I was actually headed to Jenn's house which is another 2+ hour drive. Anyways I was feeling okay on sleepiness so I called mom and told her that yes I was going to continue on to Jenn's house and only because I was talking to her on the cellphone. Well about 20 miles outside of Bismarck I was following a Semi and I completely.... lost... all power in my car. Poof all gone just coasting. I tried to drop in into a lower gear to jump start it and it worked... for like 4 seconds. So I coasted Sam, thats my car by the way, onto the shoulder, all the while talking to Jenn on my hands free and trying to explain what the heck just happened. Well to make this night short, I called mom she drove out with her AAA Plus card and Jenn drove down from Minot. Got it towed 3 hours after it stopped on the side of the road. Dropped it by the shop that were going to look at it, went and ate at Denny's which was very tasty. Checked on the car, not gonna look at it til the afternoon so mom headed home and Jenn and I headed to the Academy to get a load of Tiff's stuff that wasn't taken to minot yet. Found it locked and took a nap before heading home to Minot.
Now the minor details of Sam's problems. Comes to find out that the problem here in lines with his timing belt. The shop didn't know what exactly went wrong because they didn't take the motor apart. If they did and replaced everything it would be $373 approximatly. I am surprised he didn't throw in a cents figure too just to be more approximate. Any ways I am going to try and get hold of the Davis clan at the Academy to see if they will either let me use the shop to fix my car or even better, help me fix my car. I can buy the parts for a third or fourth the price they quoted to me. Hopefully I will have my carfixed by either Thursday or Friday hopefully Thursday. So if you feel so inclined, please pray for my car Sam and that I can fix him and get back to Lincoln with him in one piece. thanks. So as Porky Pig says, "T-t-t-t-thats all folks!"


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