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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Movies Gallor

Last night was filled with movies. But not in a small room with close friends and family, though they were there too. No... it was filled with back to back movies in different theatres. It all started at 5:10pm when I went to Narnia with Amy, Tim, Kayla, Ben, Ben, Ashley, and Leslie. Well those were the ones in my row. There were another 15-20 odd Unionites there too and another 10-15 waiting to get in once we were done. It was a fantabulous movie which I intend on seeing again and again and can't wait for the rest to come out. Then shortly after I got back from Narnia, I left for another movie that started at 8:25 pm. That movie was the Broadway Musical turned movie entitled RENT. Not a bad movie, I enjoyed the music but the plot could have used a bit more development.(I took my own snacks to RENT and didn't eat much of them. It was too quiet to munch popcorn) Who am I to judge musicals? Be your own judge... just wait til it come to the $2 theatre. Good but not worth the $6 it cost at the Grand. I will say one thing more, I definately got my money's worth. Each movie was almost 2 and a half hours long. It was a good night of fun though. Sadly I missed out on Ice Skating and the Band Performance but I am sure they were great and packed without me showing up. Probably too packed at the Ice Box. Anywho must start studying for Microbiology. If Procrastination was a major in college, I would be a 4.0+ student. Manga Suma Cumlade thingy all the way, High Honors, Top of the Class. See..


Blogger Daniel said...

Do you think that they'll be able to make all of the Chronicles? I don't; I don't think the creation one will translate well.

12/11/2005 3:38 PM  

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