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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Catch up (not made out of Tomatoes)

A fantastic thing happened on Sunday... my car, Sam, ran again. He is back to his old self still a little sluggish in the get go but that is okay. The only bad note is that my alternator will need replacing soon because it is not spinning as smoothly has it once was and should. Mom wants to take it to Bergs' and get it checked out and I would get her Focus for awhile but I have not decided yet. It is nice to have my car running again though. He needs a bath very baddly.
So to play catch up on recent events, Jennifer surprised me last Thursday evening right when it was snowing up to 12 inches in some places. It was a wonderful surprise because I was not expecting her until Friday afternoon. It was nice having her here for the weekend but she headed back to Minot today because she has paper work to do for her new job in the nursury at the hospital. I am excited for her because babies are her passion, not that she wants one right now but she loves little ones and I'm glad she is going to be busy again.
Saturday was a fun filled day. Tim Jordan dropped in during the afternoon and we 5 played Birds and Flowers together for quite a while. Then the party began at 5ish but everyone got there about 6ish. We were playing Uno with stacking rules. We had Nola, Jerry, Landon, and Johnny over as well as Warren, Carol, and Grandma. We played Toaster Struedel and rocked the house with some DDR X2 (dance dance revolution extreme 2) most everyone got down with their bad self. Even Nola and Carol busted a move or two. After that we had a gift exchange thing during which less stealing happened than usual. Fireworks were shot of at 10ish and Midnight to bring in the new year. I talked to people or called people in three different time zones than my own. Angela in Korea, left a messege for Yancer in Maryland, and talked to a friend in Montana. Only Angela was not at midnight her time. It was midnight our time though. It was a good time with family and friends. More on other events later.


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