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Saturday, February 25, 2006

International House of Pancakes, but not w/ Country fried steak and eggs

Tonight started really great. I talked to Jennifer for a few minutes before the play, the play went well besides a burnt speaker during intermission. All in all a good night until we went to IHOP for food. I am not saying I don't like IHOP but the service tonight was ______ insert negative adjective/adverb which ever here. First off he took one glass to refill it with water and didn't bring it back. Actually that was secondly, the real first was that he didn't give Laura her water. Thirdly we realized that we were one silverware short. After taking our orders he didn't come back until he brought us our food because I had to ask another server if we could have another glass and a pitcher of water. We get our food and all is well and good except two of us ordered the country fried steak and eggs meal thing and both of us thought that it came with pancakes. So we were wondering about that but finally asked him and he said it didn't. Anywho then the whole check thing came and he botched that up. Charging juice to the wrong person not charging a hot chocolate to another, comeing back with it and still having it wrong. Arg!! Okay then we give him our stack of checks and he 1) doesn't ask if anyone needs change which I did -$6.20 meal I gave him a $10- 2) he didn't bring back my change. I am sitting there and finally he brings the girl's check back for the third time and I finally ask for my change. He comes back and says something like there "is this it, there was only three ones in it" "I had a put a ten in there" So then we are waiting still and instead of $3.80, he comes back with $4. By this time Laura and Liz are laughing. Liz is trying not to look at me cause I am frustrated but she is laughing. So I torment her for a little bit with some stuff from the play she hates and left the waiter $1. We filled out one of those comment cards and I tried not to cut him apart but wanted to share what bad service had been given to us. I know I should have been nicer since Elder Carlson's talk today was about giving more than they deserve because God does that to us but I was not feeling very loving at the moment. I am not going to let this one incident cause me to be prejudice against IHOP but I will definately not want to be served by Dylan or whatever his name was again. To use the Sandwhich principle, start and end with possitive, the play rocked tonight and the food at IHOP was pretty dang good. I was kindof in the mood for pancakes but I would have been very bloated if I had eaten more.


Blogger Jennifer said...

How appropriate that that's what the sermon was about. Hmmm...

Perhaps he was new.
Maybe his mind was on supporting that new family at home - forgot to ask if you could spare that extra $3.80.
What if he was hit by a bus last week and was still recovering from the concussion.

It could happen.

The picture is always bigger than we can see. At the very least, God was testing your patience and setting Elder Carlson's talk into motion.

2/26/2006 3:59 PM  

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