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Friday, February 03, 2006

"The New Cresent Moon location" AKA The Coffee House

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine took me to what she said was a new Cresent Moon cafe' location. This excited me greatly so I told a bunch of people that there was this 'new' CMC location and it was huge in comparison. Well tonight a bunch of us were planning to go down there. I told everyone that we were going to the CMC which turned out to be The Coffee House NOT Cresent Moon cafe'. We all got there except Eric and Heidi. We figured that they just went to vespers and didn't want to come. Well turns out that Heidi's phone went dead and they didn't get the message that I was incorrect and we weren't at the Cresent Moon cafe' and we were at The Coffee House. So while we were thinking that they were a no show, they were at CMC thinking WE were a no show. Didn't find this out until Jenn went back to Laura and Liz's room and Heidi walked in with her laundry. That is when this horrible mix up came to light. I feel horrible because Heidi wanted to hang out with us tonight and see Jennifer. Tomorrow night Jenn and I are going out with some other friends and who knows what will happen Sunday so Heidi is kindof getting the shaft when it comes to Jenn time. Arg!!!!!! Hopefully things will turn out for the best. At least I now know what The Coffee house is like and that there is not a new Cresent Moon cafe' location. Thats too bad.


Blogger Jennifer said...


Jenn Time.

Nice ring to it.

However - strange.

I don't think I like it.

2/06/2006 11:08 PM  

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