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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Being the best House-husband I can

Lonestar did a song about being a house-husband: Mr. Mom. Thankfully there are no little munchkins running around the our house but I still understand the song much better now that I am a house-husband.(credit of house-husband goes to brother Ben) When people ask me how my days are going, my general response is "same old same old". Yes my life is the same pretty much every day: Wake up, get Krissy moving towards a shower, either heat water for tea or make coffee, pop in and ask Krissy what she wants for breakfast (lately it has been smoothies, we still have to find a good protein easier than tofu). I then help Krissy maker her lunch or decide what she wants for lunch and once she is out the door I take my own shower and then find stuff to do.
The past couple days I have asked Krissy to give me a Honey-do list. This week it consists of getting the wedding invitations out in the mail. Yes we know that our RSVP by date is the 25 of September and it is the 11 of but we aren't worried. Simply annoyed with the invitation place that it took longer than they said it would to get our invitations. Oh well we have them now and they will be headed your way soon. The other thing I do to occupy my time is surf the web and ride to the local Library to check out books. For being a smaller big city library it isn't too bad. I prefer the layout of Lincoln's libraries but thats what happens when you go from a large Midwest town to Suburban sprawl of the Northwest. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying Oregon and I like our section of Portland. The way their library is set up just doesn't do it for me, a little too chaotic for my tastes.
Well enough rambling for today. I am off to put postcard stamps on the RSVP cards, all 90ish of them. "This is Jeremy signing off as the best darned house-husband I can be"


Blogger Angela said...

good job! have you talked to shane yet about your wedding. as the pastor, he seemed a little worried about not knowing exactly what the plans are when i saw him last week.

i also love the "honey-do" list. sounds so sweet.

see you soon!

9/13/2007 8:12 AM  

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