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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dog Run

Yesterday Krissy and I went with Amy, Tim, and Angela to the dog run across 70th from Holmes lake. While there we saw many different dogs from Korgy, Lab, Boarder Collie puppy mix to the Rottweiler Chow cross. Oh there were such beautiful dogs and it made me miss Copper. I am partial to the Chow crosses and at the same time I love the Lab mixes too. This afternoon I looked up the Humane Society here in Lincoln and there are some really cute dogs. I WANT A DOG!!! Why do I have to be in an apartment, in school, and swamped with time? I can dream can't I? Here is my favorite one, his name is Lucky, he's a Husky.
They don't have any employment opportunities, I checked.


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