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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Almost home

Hello my friends.
Last weekend Krissy and I went up to a different church than "normal". Krissy and Gary were invited up there by the pastor for a "techie" potluck. The pastor has been trying to start a group of members that will help with the tech side of worship and community. The idea is to get people that are good at, say digital photography, videography, Graphic Arts things, and Powerpoint. Upon creation of these groups, oh and Web mastery, people in these groups would document what activities both recreational and outreaching are happening. They have this really cool thing between Sabbath school and Church called "Scrapbook". It is a collage of activities that have happening with the church and surrounding, literally surrounding- Adventist grade school on 1 side of the church and a day academy on the other, schools. Also they are wanting to create an e-newsletter/e-magazine on their website, which needs help keeping recent and relevant. There is only one kink in this plan- THE CHURCH IS EXTREMELY ACTIVE. I know you're thinking "thats not a kink" but in a way it is. This church community has so many things going on weekly and on the weekend that they don't have enough people to cover everything.
That is why they are trying to get people in these groups and activities to document with video or photos. They want people that are already participating to know and understand that the church wants to know what is going on and share with the rest of the church community. It is so cool what this church wants to do. The road ahead is very hard due to the extent of activities that go on any given week. There is another hiccup in the road- youth/young adult activities.
The blessing and curse of living in a part of the country with mountains and ocean so close together is so many choices. Thankfully there are alot of young adults in this area and they are active. The problem that arises is that so many groups don't know what other groups are doing for activities. Slowly but surely this mayhem called young adult activities is coming together. The groups are conversing back and forth to see what everyone is doing. Some are evening making web pages. Ok... slow down... breathe Jeremy... breathe.
This is really exciting for me because since coming out here, Krissy and I have felt lost in the sea of churches. There are over 30-40 churches in the greater Portland area. That may also include the Vancouver WA area too, I am not sure. Either way there are alot of churches in a relatively small area. Small being within 30-45 minutes surrounding Portland. Finally at this church, Meadow Glade, Krissy and I finally feel something close to what we left back in Lincoln. Maybe cause it is similar to the College View setup- Church and church schools within a close proximity. We finally felt welcome. One of the funny things is that we were invited to go hang out with another young adult group from the Vancouver church, no kidding less than 6 miles down the road from Meadow Glade, Saturday night. Turns out that the house we drove to is where one of Krissy's co-workers lives. Also this is the group that does Ultimate Frisbee most Sundays, rain or shine. So for all you ultimate Frisbee fans back in Lincoln- head out this way and we'll play on Sundays.
So to all those in Lincolnland- we miss you and at the same time we found people pretty similar out here. Its not the same without you guys and gals, but it feels a little more like home. Instead of an extended vacation. Come out and visit some time. Or maybe we'll simply have to transport a few more Licolnites out this ways so it'll feel even more like home. Fake it till you make.


Blogger Terri said...

I'm glad you are finding a church you feel welcome in. It sounds exciting! Can't wait to see you and so glad I can now comment, thanks to you!

9/27/2007 2:28 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

i, too, am excited that you're finding a good church. sorry about not being able to find a job yet. i hope you can find something great. maybe you'll find good connections at your church. that's how i got in.

and does mom have a computer again? wild.

i love you!

9/28/2007 7:01 PM  

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