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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Vesper Concert Series

Last night there was a concert for vespers. I had never heard of the person that was going to be singing but the concert fact made me happy. Well... I think we all got more than we expected, even Pastor Rich. The performer's name was and is David Harsh and he is an awesome guitarist. The whole time I was mezmerized and filled with peace. It has been far too long since I saw a concert and even longer since I have written any songs. I have been even more delinquent with my guitar playing than my blogging. David's performance and testimonies made me desire to pick up my guitar and play. Telling you I went back and played guitar all night and all afternoon would be a lie. Wishful thoughts of playing and writing have been on my mind. Even when my brother invited me a park between school and his house to play guitar and frisbee, I decline. Instead I watched The Mission which was a sobering experience and made me thankful for life and freedom. The music in the movie was movingly peaceful in parts and hauntingly devilish in others. Side note- A recent film is sort of a sequell and is called End of the Spear, which I hope to watch before school gets out. Music has always had a powerful influence on me so now after my nap I am listening to Jars of Clay- Redemption Songs and enjoying the different styles of music they play. I have missed music lately and I feel the reason behind this is my lack of faith in my walk. A feeling of wandering has been hanging over me for the past couple months. Helping out in the Youth Department has help and made the yearning inside me stronger. I want to have the passion I had in High School. Wether they know it or not, they Youth are helping me when I thought I was just helping them. Standing off in the wings won't help you soar. Stepping out and off in faith, helps you soar. Hmmmm... started this post about a concert and ended with my walk... My walk is Music.


Blogger Terri said...

I can relate to how a person can feel empty without music. Last fall when the Gracenotes weren't practicing and had no engagements, I felt such a void in my life. Sharing music with others is so rewarding!

4/04/2006 11:26 AM  

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