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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reprise rebuttle

A while back I made the comment that all I wanted for Christmas was a waterproof camera. I am making a change to that. As much as it might be nice to have a waterproof camera, the need is not as pressing. Since I am not going to Venezuela, the places I will visit any time soon need not a waterproof camera. So what does this mean to any of you? If you were planning on pooling your money for the camera, you don't have to. I mean if you still want to pool your money and get me a camera, more power to ya but you don't have to. Any who, sorry mom for shooting your christmas present plan, if that was your plan. I'm not sure what exactly I want for christmas, I know it is still a ways off. Give me options and I'll give you answers. tootles


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