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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Semester

Well it's official, Spring 2007 semester has begun and begun boreingly. I understand why we have the MWF classes both on Tuesday and Wednesday but it still is not fun. My class load on those days is currently 4 hours in a row. Two from the same teacher but different classes. The other two classes on MWF are Business classes and are interesting.
The past few have gotten me thinking. Ever since I changed from IRR to General Studies people, mainly my sister, have been telling me to finish with a degree other than GS. I am in total agreement with them. General Studies is not what I want to graduate with but I also don't want to spend another two years chaseing another degree. I'm in the hole enough already with finances, I don't need another $40k in debt to my name. Also I don't know what degree would be worth getting in short notice instead of GS.
Last night Krissy and I were in the Graphics Lab talking with Beau about this. He has been floating between PR and Graphics for a while and his PR classes look like they are going to drive him up a wall. Krissy's old roommate graduated in May with an Education major but is back to get a Communications degree. She is graduating again in May with it. In my searching I worked through the bulletin til I got to Humanities. There I found the Communications degree requirements and I too could graduate next May with a Communications degree. Now I am fighting with another issue.
I am not looking forward to my Religion classes, Prophets, Revelation, and early SDA church history, and I am excited about my Business classes. The conundrum I am in now is wether it would be worth graduating with GS this year and come back in August to get a Communications degree OR drop my Religion classes take classes I want and that fit into my schedule and Graduate with Communications next year and nothing this May.
Pros and Cons are staring me down from both options. Many times when you come back for a second degree, you won't get financial aid and if you do it won't be as much. I could wait two years and come back for guarunteed Ed but I don't know if that works for GS. Also family members are planning for me to Graduate this May and if they have already made plans not graduating May 07 but May 08 would screw things up. Arg.
Anyways thats what has been happening as of late. I have class in 20 minutes and I should try to be early this time.


Blogger Terri said...

Jeremy, as a family member, I would not be put out by you not graduating in May. I have not made any plans for time off yet so it wouldn't be a problem. If you want to graduate with another degree, go for it. Just make sure you are going to enjoy what you are doing.

1/11/2007 11:27 AM  

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